Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Mardi Gras Mambo: House Floats {Eleonore & Patton Streets}

 This charming home on the corner of Eleonore and Patton Streets Uptown is always dressed to the nines seasonally, but she shines brightest at Mardi Gras. I will definitely have to revisit "her" at night when her lights are all aglow.

There is just something about a clean, white home with all the New Orleans details. I just want to sit back and have my coffee on that cute porch.

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House Floats, y'all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! I am loving the "house floats" that you are featuring on your blog! Can't wait to see this one lit up at night! However, yours is still my favorite! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. I love the architecture in New Orleans...even better all gussied up!! Thanks for sharing


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