Saturday, February 18, 2012

A-MUSE-ing Shoes

     One of my most favorite parades of the Carnival season is Muses, an all-women’s krewe. Their signature throw and most coveted  is a woman’s shoe, the pump. How appropriate! The pumps are highly regarded and highly sought after similar to the coconuts of Zulu. Well, J & I scored this year with an array of glittery pumps already displayed to perfection in various places around the house.  The theme of the parade this year was Muses Go Shopping…Taking it to the Limit!

     Muses has put on award-winning displays since its beginning in 2000. Throws are of a definite feminine nature and include mirrors, shoes, combs, purses and other fun “girlie” goodies.
     This year’s celebrity Muse was Patricia Clarkson, an actress and New Orleans native.

     Take a peek at the glittery creations  J & I scored for 2012:
Thanks, Virginia!

Thanks, Virginia...for Eddie & Keith!

Notice the Oyster shell???


Thanks, Tania!

Pump It Up, y'all!


  1. You and J really did score this year! Did you take your shirts off to get these? ;)


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