Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scentsational Scoop {Green Moss by IZOLA}

I first purchased this candle simply due to look of the container and crest-like label. I love the vintage look of the candle, and it blends so well with the decor of my home.

green moss5

green moss6

I am happy to report the the scent throw of the Green Moss scent is absolutely wonderful, fresh and inviting.

From the website:

“When we get home from a long workday at our office in Chelsea there a few things we need to unwind. One is a drink… another is an Izola candle. Frustrated with the agonizingly pungent fragrances of common candles, we developed one made from 100% vegetable wax that comes in six natural fragrances a man won’t mind.

Izola candles are made in the USA from renewable resources. The wax is hand-poured into eight-ounce recycled, colored glass containers that have a rustic, weathered, and charming design quality. In keeping good faith with our old-world, utilitarian ethics, these candles are built to last and maintain their fragrance through 60 hours of burning time.

We think they are the perfect compliment to our cocktail shakers at a bar, to our toothbrush sets in a bathroom, and to our desk objects in an office. Join us in lighting one and let’s “rekindle an old flame.”

green moss

 green moss3

 izola box


I know you’ll be happy with this candle selection. Just look at it.

To order a Green Moss candle, click HERE.

green moss4

Green Moss, y’all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Watermelon Basil {Cocktail}

BFF Margo created the perfect summer drink for our most recent trip to the beach, a watermelon basil cocktail.
It was both refreshing and yummy. It is perfect for summer fun.


  • 1/3 watermelon purée (blend) {fresh watermelon puree'}
  • 1/3 basil vodka {Square One Basil vodka}
  • 1/3 ginger ale
  • Rim with a mixture of dried, fresh basil and sugar blend

Cheers to good drinks and good times.

Never drink and drive!

Watermelon basil cocktail, y'all!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grand Isle Weekend with Friends

J & I spent a great weekend once again in Grand Isle with best friends, Margo, Monique, "Nutty", and Mike. This weekend was the annual Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, so the island was packed.

Margo's family owns a camp, Winston Place, on the beach in such a perfect location.

We sipped. 

We ate.

We laughed. 

We gossiped. 

We had a great weekend.

It was such a nice weekend to catch up with "old" friends.

Grand Isle fun, y'all!
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