Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Acorn Cottage {Bathrooms Reno}

One last look at these bathrooms because the demolition of them begins tomorrow. Do you think an update is needed? 

This photo best sums up the look I want in each - white subway tile, black and white flooring, black accents. I adore this fresh, clean look.

And the front (decorative and privacy) fence is complete.

Bathroom Renos, y'all!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Acorn Cottage {Decorative Fence}

When the shrubs and trees were removed from the front yard, the lack of privacy it created resulted in the addition of a decorative privacy fence. The fence serves two purposes - privacy and a place to grow jasmine (decorative). The fence will be painted the same color as the outside of the home, swiss coffee (Benjamin Moore).

When the fence is complete, I want it to look just like this fence I snapped while out on my daily walk. I love the trellised jasmine.

The Fence, y'all!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Must See TV {Safe}

Death. Secrets. Abduction. Secrets. Runaway. Secrets. Murder. Secrets. Fire. Secrets. Suspense.....

If you are looking for a great show to binge on, the Safe on Netflix is your choice. J and I watched all 8 episodes last weekend. We just could not stop watching.

Widowed surgeon Tom has struggled to raise his two daughters alone following his wife's death a year ago. Things seem to be on the right track for the family, who live in a gated community, because they have close friends nearby and Tom is in the early stages of a new relationship. But the situation takes a turn for the worse when Jenny, Tom's oldest daughter, goes missing along with her boyfriend. Tom enlists girlfriend Sophie, a police detective, to help locate the teens, but her new partner is working her own agenda. As the investigation intensifies, Tom unearths dark secrets about the people closest to him in his affluent neighborhood. The drama series was created by mystery novelist Harlan Coben.

Safe, y'all!
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