Friday, January 23, 2015

Hand Painted Tile Trivet Give Away {WINNER}

And the winner of the hand painted tile trivet of her choice from LEROY GRAY is …
Anna Kate Brown!
Congrats, Anna! I will put you in touch with Leilan so that she can get your choice and mail you the tile of your choice.
leroy gray
Thanks to Leilan of LEROY GRAY for her gift to my blog. I hope my readers will help support this local business.
Thanks to all of you for your kind words and prayers for my friend Adeline and her family. Please keep the prayers coming. xoxo
Anna Kate, y’all!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

R.I.P. Sweet Adeline


I try and keep sad moments off my blog, but I would always regret not mentioning this great friend. After all, this blog is about my life, so it is fitting that I ask for prayers for a special family who lost such a joyful wife, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, and so much more yesterday morning. To me, Adeline was a true friend.

After a year of battling pancreatic cancer, my beach buddy, Adeline, departed for the most beautiful beach in the sky.

This picture captures our lives together recently.


Though we did not see each other much from October-April, we made up for lost time in Grand Isle from May-September. Adeline always wore the most beautiful beach hats. She donned the most stylish swim suits, sandals, and beach bags. She made our beach days even more exciting. From jet skiing to 5:00 “happy hours”, Adeline was all about Grand Isle, our home away from home. I bet you can pick out Adeline in these photos…. She is the one in the magnificent, colorful hats.




I will also never forget our dance/karaoke parties on the camp deck. That girl never met a “mic” that she did not like. By the way, her husband’s name is Mike, so that is quite appropriate because I know she loved him immensely. This photo is from her daughter Alyce.


As I type this post, I am quite teary-eyed thinking of all the great memories that were made on that beach, but sweet Adeline, or Ada, as we called her, would want us to continue to enjoy our times on the beach. I cannot wait to toast her this summer with all our beach buds.

Her daughter Alyce said it best, “We are laughing until we cry telling stories about how the funnest times we have ever had was with my mom, Adeline! Early this morning, my faith filled, strong, and beautiful mother went home to the good Lord- exactly one year after we discovered the cancer on her pancreas. The memories and quality of life that she had this past year is something that I will thank God for everyday. Every glass of wine I drink, every beach trip, every time anyone pops open a bottle of champagne, and every Frank Sinatra song I hear I will think of Sweet Ada. Can't wait to hear your sweet voice again one day. I know God has prepared a special place for such an incredible person in heaven. You have touched everyone that you met. I hope to be half as amazing as you are!”


Adeline will be sorely missed, but I know there is a sweet angel watching over all of us. Please join me in praying for Ada and her family. xoxoxo

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RIP Adeline, y’all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It’s Carnival Time {Stair Parlor}


Many of you know how much I love to decorate the central vintage clock table in the stair parlor, and Mardi Gras is no exception.

stair parlor

This year the chandelier again is filled with purple, green, and gold plumes.


The table features a large trophy cup topped with a large preserved boxwood orb. A regal crown tops the orb, and mask is also placed in front. Beads fall out of the trophy. More glittered Muses shoes are placed around the table.

center arrangement

On the staircase, metallic fringe and ball garland drape to the second floor. Ribbons tied into bows add Carnival flair.



Glass masks sit atop the table leading upstairs.


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leroy gray

Stair Parlor, y’all!

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