Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grand Isle Weekend with Friends

J & I spent a great weekend once again in Grand Isle with best friends, Margo, Monique, "Nutty", and Mike. This weekend was the annual Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, so the island was packed.

Margo's family owns a camp, Winston Place, on the beach in such a perfect location.

We sipped. 

We ate.

We laughed. 

We gossiped. 

We had a great weekend.

It was such a nice weekend to catch up with "old" friends.

Grand Isle fun, y'all!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Coffee Table Shuffle

It's always fun to rearrange this whether it be furniture, artwork, or accessories. Design is a process that is always evolving. 
During the rainy afternoon yesterday, I got a wild hair and started transforming the glass top of the den coffee table.

The coffee table now holds several books: Audubon's Aviary, Preppy, House Proud.
Atop Audubon's Aviary, an English oak wooden stand holds a boxwood sphere, a jeweled alligator, and two monogrammed round glass plates from C. Wonder.

Atop the other stack, a Green Moss candle by IZOLA in my favorite Vagabond House pewter acorn and oak leaf tray.

A bamboo framed picture of J & I sitting in Paris Market rests to the rear of the vignette.

I love the Laurel Wilder reverse decoupage rectangular tray.

The Oysteria oyster shell holds toile coasters and a coastal barnacle.

On the lower shelf, a seagrass basket holds my favorite magazines and remote controls.

Do you like to rearrange your accessories???
Coffee table shuffle, y'all!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flip Flop Love!

After seeing this, it got me thinking that I truly love flip flops.

Well, I may need a 12-step program because I have an addiction.
I don't think there is a time that I go to the J. Crew Outlet that I do not walk out with a pair of flip flops.
My very favorite pair are khaki-colored Havianas.

Every year, I purchase a black pair, brown pair, and gray pair. I wear them all the time even as house slippers.

These Southern Tide ones are dressier.

Here are photos of my other pairs...

J. Crew

Vineyard Vines

Banana Republic

There is nothing better than a summer in flip flops. Which of my pairs do you like best?
Do you have a fave pair of your own?

Flip Flops, y'all!

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