Friday, April 20, 2018

Wedding Registry {Hazelnut}

Shop locally.

I also added a few items to my wedding registry from local fave, Hazelnut.

You can locate the registry by clicking on this link:

Again, J & I love to support many small businesses.

Shop Local too, y'all!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wedding Registry {Judy at the Rink}

J & I love to support small, local businesses, so I recently added some serving pieces by Steve Hasslock which are available through Judy at the Rink in New Orleans. Since Judy at the Rink does not have an online registry, I will list the pieces below. Many of you have asked for a local retailer, so here you go!

We have registered for the following:

You may call 
Judy at the Rink directly 504-891-7018 
for availability and pricing.

Again, thanks for your love and support. And yes! We love gifts inspired by the sea.

Remember, we are also registered with the Timothy DeClue Collection. The online process is a breeze.

Registry, y'all!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

When the Gifts...

match the decor!

I am always so appreciative of the amazing gifts sent to J and I for our recent celebration of marriage. After 20 years of being a couple, we were so happy to finally make our love legal and receive the rights due to any couple.

We received the following from our great friends from Timothy DeClue in Downtown Seattle where we decided to register. I know it makes little sense to some folks that we decided to register so far away, but the online registry is easy peasy.

I adore the gift wrap of the Timothy De Clue Collection, and I love even more that it goes so well will my parlor decor. LOL!

What's inside you might ask?

  • Beautiful, timeless coupes which were made in Seattle

Thanks, Timothy, Bert, and Roxanna! Cheers to you all.

Click here to see our wedding registry: 

We love our gifts, y'all!
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