Sunday, August 20, 2017

Totality Awesome

Who else is looking forward to the total solar eclipse tomorrow? Though NOLA is not in the 100% region, we will be able to witness about 75% of the solar eclipse. This science nerd is excited!

I remember back to 1979. I was a sixth grader and an avid science student. My dad and I constructed the shoebox to view the eclipse safely. It was so cool. Fast-forward ahead to 2017, my school will provide safety glasses, but I did assign my students the option of creating the "old-fashioned" shoebox. After all, engineering is a skill many students will need and use in the future.

Just look at how they viewed eclipses in the 1960s (I just love the teacher in his suit.):

I hope the weather is good and the skies are clear. Check out the video below if you'd like to create the eclipse viewer.

Totality Awesome, y'all!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Make It Work

I am so excited for the return of Season 16 of Project Runway tonight. I have watched all 16 seasons ever since it first appeared on Bravo.

I'm sure this season will be filled with many ups and downs, smiles and tears, and of course the unconventional challenge.

"Project Runway" returns for its 16th season, which increases the diversity of the modeling challenges. For the first time, the show celebrates different body types by incorporating size-inclusive models on the catwalk, with models ranging from size zero to 22. With models of different figures, the designers must prove that they can make stunning creations for people of virtually any size. Of the 16 contestants who begin the season, one is named the winner when it's done, earning a prize package that includes $100,000 to launch a line, a collaboration with a department store to create a limited edition collection, a trip to Japan and a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine. Heidi Klum returns to host with Nina Garcia and Zac Posen at the judges' table and Tim Gunn serving as a mentor to the hopefuls.

Make It Work, y'all!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Welcome Back to School

When most of you read this post, I'll be on my way to school for the students first day. The first couple days are always exciting and always exhausting. It is great to see the students and find out how each spent their summer months.

But, at least it is only two days. Right?

Check out my classroom theme: Every school year should feel this good.

Welcome Back, y'all!
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