Saturday, February 28, 2015

Colors Heard Round the World


Well? How much time did you waste yesterday deciding if that dress was white & gold or black & blue?

The dress was topic of discussion around our school yesterday, and I see by the news reports many others spent way too much time being quite unproductive yesterday.

I only saw white & gold. You?

In these three pics, I see white & gold in the first two and blue & black in the third.

all three

I thought these two memes were quite funny.




White & Gold, y’all!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Never Trust an Atom


Call me a science nerd, but I love stuff like this. I was so delighted to receive this custom tee in the mail this week. Who am I kidding? You know I love receiving any package in the mail, but this one is super-special.


Isn’t it perfect for this science educator?

The tee was a gift from Missy Bain of That Southern Chick. Please check out her blog. Missy is very talented and shares her talents with others. Missy is married to Matt who worked with me at the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. Matt is still there.

Thanks Missy (and Matt). We miss our Atlanta friends.

Never Trust an Atom. They Make Up Everything.



Custom tees, y’all!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Day, Another Birthday!


Today is yet another special day for my special cousin friend, Monique. Our mothers have been friends since 1st grade, so when we were born just a couple weeks apart, we have been best friends since birth. Oh! The stories we can tell.

ron monique jeff

photo 3 (72)

I cannot wait to lift my glass and celebrate with you on Saturday at one of our Uptown faves, Clancy’s.


Have a great day!

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Happy Day, y’all!

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