Friday, September 19, 2014

Just for the Health of it {Prayers, please!}


A week ago I shared that I was stressing over something to come. Today, I am ready to share this issue with you. I am so nervous.

I just wanted to make you aware of an upcoming procedure(surgery) I am having performed on my heart in a couple weeks.


As many of you know, I was "rushed" into the ER in January of 2013 due to an extremely excessive heartbeat (170-180 bpm). I went into the doctor's office with flu-like symptoms, and I stayed in ICU for three days. It was determined that my heart was also in atrial fibrillation, so I underwent a T.E.E. 

Read about T.E.E:{}.

Doctors surmised that the virus had attacked my heart and weakened it. My ejection fraction as read by an ultrasound was 20%, and my heart was classified as being in heart failure.

Read about ejection fraction: {}

I was placed on powerful meds and all seemed like it was getting better.

This past summer, I had a routine ultrasound performed. It was discovered that my ejection fracture was around 40%-50%. The number is subjective but should be between 55-75%. My heart is still classified as being in heart failure.

On September 22 (Monday) at 6:00 AM, I am having another TEE performed to check for clots, and if all is clear I will undergo an ablation.

Read about ablations: {}

Hopefully this will do the "trick", and I'll be able to be weaned off some of my daily meds. Hopefully, I will remain in regular rhythm, and my heart recovers to a state of "normalcy".

I will be out of work from September 22-26. I am told that the procedure makes one feel very weak and tired with flu-like symptoms.

I am also told and have read that the procedure is an easy one with a very high success rate.

Please keep me in your thoughts and your prayers. You may add me to your daily intentions list. I appreciate any extra prayers.


Prayers, y’all!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

MILIEU {Fall 2014}


MILIEU magazine is one year old this month, and if you do not subscribe you should today. MILIEU is a nationally distributed home and garden magazine that launched in September 2013. In the digital age, magazines are few and far between, and I have added this one from Pamela Pierce to my subscription list. You will not be disappointed.



In this issue, I was so excited to see the feature, Louisiana Purchase, by New Orleans’ own designer extraordinaire, Valorie Hart. Valorie pens the blog, The Visual Vamp and authored the coffee table book House Proud. Have you seen chapter 7 yet? J and I’s home was featured in her first book. I am still so “proud” of this. Valorie definitely knows how to marry bold colors and style in a modern way.



One of my favorite Atlanta designers, Carole Weaks was also prominently featured in All about Family. I adore her classic style.



You can subscribe to Milieu by clicking HERE.




MILIEU, y’all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Walking through Uptown {Uptown Homes III}


My posts of Uptown homes has been a popular one, so today I will continue sharing the latest installment of some beautiful Uptown homes along my walk.

center hall

I love living Uptown being surrounded by such gorgeous architecture and differing styles of homes.

You can see more by following Uptown Acorn on instagram.


jefferson ave





yellow victorian

Which one is your fave?

Thanks again to Linda of Life and Linda for updating my blog header to give it Fall flare. What’cha think?


A Walk through Uptown, y’all!

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