Thursday, May 15, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? {Front Garden, May 2014}


The front garden is looking great. I am so happy and impressed with the diamond frost euphorbia. It looks like cool bits of snow in the summery garden.

photo 4 (52)

photo 5 (43)

photo 2 (71)

photo 3 (61)

The hydrangeas have also started to pop with magnificent blooms in blues and pinks. Hydrangeas are one of my fave flowers. I will have to cut a few to bring inside.

photo 1 (77)

photo 2 (72)

Even the caladium bulbs are starting to make an appearance. Can you see the first one?

photo 3 (62)

The baskets too are doing well.

photo 4 (53)

photo 5 (44)

photo (8)

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Springtime blooms, y’all!


  1. Your front garden is beautiful--so green and lush. I wish I had a green thumb and enjoyed working in my front beds. I have to pay someone to do that, and mine are not nearly as pretty as yours. :( Have a great day! It's almost time for the countdown! xoxo

  2. Beautiful! Love your front garden also! I think I'm going to add a bird bath to my small yard this year!

  3. Looking great, Ron! Everything looks so lush! My caladiums are all over the place; and everything is thriving right now. Can't wait for those massive elephant ears to pop up! We have to enjoy it all now. In a few weeks, it will be a struggle!

  4. Beautiful. Love the water feature as well.

  5. Absolutely lovely. I love flowers and enjoy gardening. I love the water feature nestled in among the plants.

  6. Pretty water feature in the center of all that beauty! My Hydrangea is covered in teeny blooms... will be cutting some soon! Excited.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Hydrangeas are favorites of mine, though I don't have the luck with mine that my grandmother had with hers. They may need a change of location.

  8. Really really pretty, Ron. I love hydrangea too, and caladiums. So many things I would choose are in your garden.

  9. I've used thae diamond frost euphorbia as an accent in my planters before and always enjoyed it. It looks really great the way you've displayed it here. Your whole arrangement of plants there look fabulous. I still haven't found any foxtail ferns!! It's crazy- no one seems to carry them here- just the asparagus ferns. Maybe I'll run across one and if I do I'm grabbing it!

  10. Your garden is lush! I am so jealous! We are still having near freezing temps at no flowers for me! Keep the pics coming! ;)

  11. Gorgeous!! I so love plants and flowers. You two must have green thumbs ~ everything is so lush.



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