Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Acorn Cottage {Sunroom Shelves}

J and I have been bringing boxes daily to the Acorn Cottage. Today, we brought many of my coffee table books as well as accessories. I decided to unload some of the boxes and do something "fun". I added many of the books and accessories to the built-ins. Remember, this is my first attempt, and I am certain there will be many tweaks in the coming weeks. I love built-ins and the ability to tweak and retweak vignettes. Here is how it looks today!

I really love the grasscloth used in the room. I am also loving the mini marble and brass lamps I picked up months ago.

Shelving, y'all!


  1. this looks amazing, I am really enjoying all of your posts on the progress of Acorn cottage.

  2. This is gorgeous! I would hire you to design my home any day!

  3. It's looking wonderful. You did a great job.

  4. How fun and GORGEOUS! I didn't realize you're already this close to being settled. Are you guys sleeping there now? It's fabulous, and so is the lighting!

    1. Thanks. No, we move in the weekend of September 1.

  5. Ooh very well done! What a nice advantage that you already own the house and can start to move things in!

  6. Good morning, Ron! The shelving looks great! I'm sure, though, you are going to tweak and retweak it many times! Love those lamps! Have a great day! xoxo

  7. Great look. I know how you are wanting this done NOW.

  8. Great idea, instead of tripping over boxes. Then, you can move things to the rest of the house as things are finished. I hate living with boxes---and couldn't wait to make the house our 'home' somehow with our stuff, last time we moved. I would do the same thing when I had a shop..Clear a huge area...put everything out priced ---then work it into the shop---surprising how many shoppers would peruse and buy from the staging area. Great'been fun watching your --making of a 'home'.

  9. Okay, your first attempt looks like my tenth would. LOL Looks amazing Ron. You have such an eye for styling. It has been so fun following along on this adventure with you guys.


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