Monday, January 2, 2012

Broussard's... a fine dining New Year's Eve

     For the second New Year's Eve in a row, J and I dined at a famed, New Orleans French Quarter institution, Broussard's. Opened in 1920, Broussard's is located at 819 Rue Conti.

The signage

     With reservations at 9:30 pm, we checked in with our friendly hostess and headed straight to the bar to wait for our table and to sip on cocktails.

Our hostess

     At the bar, I had my usual Ketel One Martini (staight up, lil dirt), and Jeff had his Andy Cohen-esque Scotch and Ginger Ale. We chatted with many interesting people from across the country while sipping on our libations.

The bar
Our friendly bartender
Our cocktails...Cheers!
     Once seated in the well-appointed dining room filled with well-dressed New Year's Eve patrons, we orderd another round of our cocktails du jour and gazed over the amazing menu selections. I just know that BFFs A & M would LOVE the menu artwork.

Dining Room


     To start off, J ordered the chicken and andouille gumbo, and I ordered the cappucino style sweet potato, shrimp, and corn bisque. Both were excellent! (I know! I know! No food pics. As I become a better blogger, I promise more food pics. I was overserved. Get it!)


     As we so often do, J and I ordered the same meal off the menu---the Redfish Ponchartrain (Pan fried on shrimp, crab, and oyster etoufee). It was simply stellar!

     With no time for dessert (it was already 11:30 pm), we were off to ring in the New Year at BFF Randy's condo on Bourbon Street.

     I would definitely recommend Broussard's... We will be back!



  1. I'm serious - what is a well appointed dining room? What does that mean? Also, I've been wondering what to drink with Scotch. Might try that Ginger Ale tonight! Can't wait to read more!


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