Monday, January 16, 2012

On Being Southern...

     Being Southern means many different things to many different folks. What does "Being Southern" mean to you?

     Do you say "y'all" ?

Hey y'all

     Do you drink sweet tea?

Sweet Tea

     And do you end your sentences with "Bless your heart" ?

     To me "Being Southern" is a state of mind and a sign of actions.

     Being Southern means slowing down, rocking on your front porch, and saying "how ya do" as neighbors and strangers pass by.

     Being Southern means always caring about the smallest of details--- fine invitations, place cards, guest favors, and great parties.

Fine invitations

Place cards

     Being Southern means having good manners, using them often, and being hospitable. Southerners say, "yes ma'am & no ma'am... yes sir & no sir".

Emily Post's Etiquette

     Being Southern means looking forward to happy hours. Sharing a cocktail or three---mint juleps, sazeracs, old-fashioneds, hurricanes, or Ramos gin fizzes---with great friends is something we always have time for and look forward to.

Mint Julep


Pat O's Hurricane

Ramos Gin Fizz

     Being Southern is enjoying a wonderful meal, whether it be a box of crispy fried chicken or a fine Southern dish (spicy, of course!).

Popeye's Famous Fried Chicken

Upperline's famous Cane River Shrimp & Grits

     And all Southerners understand the importance of maintaining a certain joie de vivre. We never take ourselves too seriously.

     From bow ties and seersucker to oak-lined coasts and daily newspapers, Being Southern means lots of different things to all types of folks.

     Being Southern and maintaining Southern values and traditions are very important to me.

     What does Being Southern mean to you? Let me know!


  1. Ron, I absolutely adore this post! You are at the top of my list of modern so-Southern men!!!! xo

  2. Oh, the shrimp and grits!!!!! I'm drooling!!! I miss so much about Louisiana, but I whole-heartedly miss the food the most!!!

  3. Thanks A!!! You too are on top of my list of so-Southern women!!!

  4. From my southern boy to you he says being southern means wearing camouflage and drinking beer out of a can. Great post!

  5. R-you are the epitome of a southern gentleman.

  6. Ron, sweetheart, are we kindered spirits? This is my favorite post so far. Being Southern to me means knowing the importance of a handwritten thank you note! Preferably on monogrammed stationary! I love a monogram and I love a handwritten note! Does anyone else in the world appreciate this? Doubt it! I'm loving your blog and really want a full out post on your Mardi Gras decor, mine is up and I'm sure it doesn't hold a candle to what you have. I don't use bless your heart as much as I say, well aren't you a sweet potato! Funny thing is, I don't like sweet potatoes, well except for those new Zapps with sea salt! Grubbing!

  7. Glad you liked Neila! I am actually doing a future blog on the art of Thank You notes. I am a big believer in personal notes:)
    Stay tuned....

  8. I am also from Louisiana, and your newest follower. Found you by way of Dixie Delights. I think this is my new favorite blog!!!

  9. Thanks Jackie! Dixie Delights is one of my best friends! I am happy you are enjoying my posts.

  10. I came across your blog and enjoy reading it daily. Grew up in NOLA, went to High School in TN and while living in DC, will always call New Orleans home.

    This post on what makes you 'Southern' is refreshing - it's not about wearing pink and green or saying y'all or whatever the cliche is, its doing those things naturally because its who you are.

    I think you nailed it here - now about that "daily newspaper" bit...


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