Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scent-sational Scoop...Low Country Luxe's Spanish Moss


Alexa Pulitzer logo
     Walking into the Paris Market & Brocante in Savannah, GA in the spring of 2007, I first noticed the exquisite packaging of this week's candle offering by Low Country Luxe. The watercolored artwork on the circular box is stunning and captures the spirit of the Low Country so elegantly.

Spanish Moss candle burning in my den

     Founded in the Fall of 2006 by Natalie Evans, the candles can be found in more than 500 fine boutiques in the United States.

     My most favorite scent in the Signature Collection is Spanish Moss. Spanish Moss is beautifully described as, "a sparkling floral creation with mosses and a champagne fizzy accord, a rich floral heart of wisteria, camellia, bog white violets, old blush rose, aquatic, flowers, and a sweet long-lasting background of earty mosses and creamy coconut." Just the description sounds inviting.... doesn't it? Spanish Moss is available in two sizes--- 8 oz. & 13 oz.

     The Low Country brand also offers other fine scents in its Signature, Little Luxe, & Travel Collections.

8 oz. & 13 oz sizes

     The packaging, the scent throw, and the Alexa Pulitzer-designed logo make this candle a must-have.

Side table vignette

     Take a trip to the Low Country today...

     Be transported. Be inspired. Enjoy!

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  1. amy@amyscountrycandles.comJanuary 19, 2012 at 8:32 PM

    Hey, My name is Amy Benoit. My sister n law told me about you. I love your blog. I am fixing to start mine. Make sure to go to the Ritz Carlton to try their 10 course meal. When you walk in you will smell the unbelievable smell of my Gardenia's that is burning exclusively at the Ritz. People from all over the world call and I send them that scent worldwide. However that is not my top seller. Amy's Vanilla Sugar Cookie is our top seller. I would love you to be a tester for Amy's Country Candles. We are in the process of adding 10 new scents right now. And Dionne was telling me about the scents you were talking about and said that you have great taste.Let me know if you are interested in being a tester for us.


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