Saturday, February 4, 2012

To Geaux.....Cups, that is!!!

     This blog entry was inspired by a recent article I read entitled, "One for the Road: The Fine Art of Drinking on the Run" by New Orleanian Julia Reed in the Feb/Mar 2012 issue of my fav Garden & Gun magazine.

King Gator go-cups by Alexa Pulitzer (Bloody Mary bar)

     You see, living in Uptown New Orleans, I am very close to many popular restaurants, bars, and shoppes, so walking with a cocktail in hand is oh-so fashionable and oh-so necessary.
     Whether it be a simple red solo cup immortalized recently in the ever-catchy Toby Keith diddy or a plastic one caught from a Mardi Gras float, go-cups have taken on a mind of their own.
     Whether go-cups are custom-designed or store bought, my go-cups have become a staple for our frequent visitors, revelers, and neighbors. Many are inspired by the season---Halloween, Fall, Christmas, Mardi Gras. They have become an expected "prize" at our home and the talk of many conversations.
     Moving back to NOLA in 2008, I had a signature styrofoam go-cup designed with the fitting words, "to geaux" embossed with a crown.

My own custom-designed "to geaux" cups

     The Urban Dictionary defines "go-cups" in 3 ways:
           1. "a term used in New Orleans to refer to the plastic cups given by bars to patrons so that they may take their drinks off the premises as in to-go drinks at closing time"
           2. "a plastic cup-like vessel used for urination when access to a toilet is impossible" REALLY??? I guess one must "geaux" when they need to "geaux"....LOL!
           3. "a cup used to hold any beverage that one may take with them while they are out and about"

     Here are just a sample of the many special "go-cups" that I have on hand just in case I walk to many close destinations in beautiful Uptown:

Parade Punch

Mardi Gras On the Avenue

Throw Me Something

King Gator

Camp Crisco...Grand Isle to geaux (Camp of Chris & Co)

Cheers Y'all

Alexa Pulitzer Cheers... King Gator

Halloween...BOO Brew

Christmas....iconic streetcar

My own "to geaux"

     So whether it is plastic or styrofoam, the selection of go-cups is endless. In the words of country crooner TK, "Red Solo cup(or let's substitute "to geaux" cup---LOL) I fill you up. Let's have a party!"

     Raise your go-cup.... Cheers y'all !!!


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