Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ma Maison.....The Front Porch

I’d like to introduce you to the house we call home on Perrier Street. I will take you through each part of the home showing you rooms, finds, and some of my favorite things. I will also do my best to include “where to purchase” for each of my favorite finds.

Today, I will start you on the front porch.  The front porch is often considered the quintessential icon of Southern culture, and I have always dreamed of living in a home with a front porch across the entire front façade. I think that probably the original concept of a front porch was to capture a stray breeze on a warm Southern evening, but there is much more to any modern front porch than that.

J & I rock away on each of the black rockers each spring and summer evening with a cocktail in hand.  Our front porch has become the neighborhood meeting spot and is filled with much conversation, laughter, and a lil gossip, of course. As walkers, runners, and bikers pass by, we love greeting all with a kind “hello”, “how ya do?”, or just a simple wave.

Besides the rockers (Sunbrella cushions from Frontgate), the porch consists of two cast iron urns (Hill Street Warehouse, Atlanta) always filled with seasonal annuals and/or décor, two painted black rectangular planters (Ganier’s, Houma) filled with foxtail ferns, and two wire baskets lined with cocoa liner filled with one macho fern each (Green Parrot Nursery). I always start off with the smallest macho fern that I can find and by summer’s end the ferns are actually too big to walk from one end of the porch to the other. I then have to move them to the backyard for winter. The windchimes are in a perfect location to capture the winds, and the sound is very soothing (Perino's, Metairie).

Macho fern. From this...

...to this!

The door décor is changed seasonally also. As a maker of numerous front door designs, I admire classic wreaths, badges, or wooden creations welcoming any guest to my home.
J & I continually enjoy the front porch and getting to see the sights and hear the sounds of living in Uptown New Orleans.

Happy Rockin’, y’all!

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  1. I've been waiting for this. I'm on my third cup of coffee, "Slacker"! Loved this. Can't wait for the rest of the house. :)

  2. @ Ginger--- I post at the same time each morning, so I am not sure why the delay in you seeing it today. Hmmm? Technology? By the way, Chic Chateau has the oyster plates from Oysteria. Debi and Rachel picked them up from my house on Sunday. You got to go see them.

  3. Ron, can't wait to see each and every room and your treasures. Love your front porch. I wish I was lolling on it with ya'll!

  4. I want to rock right there with you. Of course, with a cocktail or two.

  5. Your maison is stunning and those windows .... sigh


  6. I'm just now discovering your blog in June 2015 via 21 Rosemary Lane's Share Your Style Link Party #17, so I thought I'd let you know I'm enjoying looking through your New Orlean's home and all the beautiful decor. I must ask, what do you feed your ferns? Every photo with ferns hanging from the porches, the ferns are so lush, gigantic and lovely! Is it just that New Orleans humidity or do you feed them something special? Also, lovely dried floral arrangements. Look forward to seeing more of your decor in future 'Thursday Share Your Design & Decor Parties'. ~JP

    1. I feed them once a week with Miracle Grow plant food. They are watered every other day. Thanks so much for stopping by:)

  7. Thanks Ron, can't wait to see each and every room and your treasures. I am looking the way to improve the value of our home before selling. Love your front porch. I wish I was lolling on it with ya'll!


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