Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Favorite Things.....Oysteria Hysteria

BFFs AOW, MOS, and I have dubbed our love for all things oyster as Oysteria Hysteria. From the moment I was gifted my first Oysteria piece by J, I was smitten with the shapes, textures, and organic nature of Oysteria’s sea-inspired creations.

“Oysteria Inc. is an oyster plate & accessories business established in 2010 by friends Monique Chauvin and Leslie Stidd Masonny. Their works reflect their love of this city, our culinary culture & decorative arts. All pieces are handcrafted, fired in New Orleans and are made to be used, enjoyed and collected.

The two teamed up creatively when Leslie joined the staff at Mitch's Flowers, owned by Monique Chauvin. They loved to challenge themselves artistically beyond their acclaimed floral talents. Their hobbies: studying art, painting, playing around with clay, and entertaining.
Leslie's life-long love of oysters helped shape their artistic focus. According to Leslie, "being a real New Orleans girl, an oyster was my first solid food!" And when she and Monique were asked to come up with a plate design for a gift ...Oysteria, Inc. was born.

Although only established in 2010, Oysteria products are now hot items coveted by locals, as well as fans across the country. The Oysteria line can also be found in many fine New Orleans shops and of course, Mitch's Flowers, where it all began.”
You can find Oysteria products at Little Miss Muffin & soon at Chic Chateau in Thibodaux.
I am smitten with Oysteria, and I am sure you will be too! Here are my own Oysteria finds:

Joining the following:

Shuck more, y’all!


  1. Those are beautiful! I love decorating my home with items from local artist! Would love to have one of these creations one day~~

  2. Beautiful. Such an interesting post. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  3. You make me want to start collecting oyster pieces! Great post, as always! :)

  4. Thanks, Kelly & Marty! I appreciate you following my posts:)

  5. I need a set of these stat. I LOVE them. Just saw these at a shop on Metairie Road. Amazeballs!

  6. OMG! I need these. STAT! xo Jill

  7. Ron, you always have fabulous giveaways! These are gorgeous.


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