Sunday, April 1, 2012

I love Minimalist Decor!

Sleek, Clean, Minimal, Empty, Restrained, Stark, Modern.....

Don't you just love the look of Minimalist decor? Just look at these inviting photos.

Hahaha!!! Do you think I lost my mind? Did I get ya? You know I will never, ever appreciate minimalist decor. The stark, museum-like look really turns me off.

Happy ApRiL FoOl'S dAy, y'all!


  1. ooooh, me too. Decorating on a shoestring budget is my fave past time.

    (bwahahahaha....I totally guessed it as soon as I read the title.)

  2. I was beginning to think that you had lost your mind! You fooled me big time! :)

  3. Uh, yeah I almost started crying, thinking the body snatchers got you. I will never appreciate it either.

  4. Due, I was just about to say, WTH is wrong with you!?! haha


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