Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lights, Camera, Decor {More}


If you read my blog post on Monday, you already know that J & I’s home will be featured in an upcoming coffee table book penned by interior designer & blogger Valorie Hart.


I really did not know how much I could say about the upcoming publication as I did not want to give too much away, so I referred to Valorie to give me details that I can share with you, my readers. You asked. I deliver!


“Valorie Hart is writing a book to be published by Glitterati in 2013 on interior design featuring homes of people who truly love their homes. Both design professionals and "regular" folks who are enthusiastic decorators share their spaces, insights and back stories, with takeaway ideas to inspire the reader.

Hart enlisted the photographer Sara Essex Bradley to shoot her book. They share an appreciation of homes with verve and personality. Essex-Bradley is a lifestyle photographer.

Valorie Hart relocated to New Orleans 12 years ago. She is a New Yorker, where she had a design business for a number of years. She currently writes the popular design and lifestyle blog The Visual Vamp, and is a contributing writer at large on the subject of decor. Hart also takes on freelance design projects.”

Glitterati published one of my favorite books, Stealing Magnolias by Debra Shriver. It you do not own this book, you should.


Thanks to Valorie for all the information about the upcoming book. Stay tuned, friends.

Valorie Hart, y’all!



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