Monday, June 4, 2012

On my Nightstand…my summer read


It is no secret that I love BRAVO, the TV station responsible for some of my favorite guilty pleasures such as The Real Housewives series, Million Dollar Decorators, and Bethenny. I was so happy when Bravo’s executive vice president of development and talent announced a while back that he would pen a book. Andy Cohen is one of my favorite personalities on TV today. I just know if we would ever meet that we would be the best of friends. Like him, I do love and have always loved TV.


This week, I finally received my copy of his first book, Most Talkative:Stories from the front lines of pop culture. I can hardly wait to dive into this book which I can only imagine has many parallels to my own life growing up.

Andy’s book jacket says “he started out as an overly talkative pop culture obsessive kid, devoted to Charlie’s Angels and All My Children and to his mother.” Well? I definitely see a parallel there. But for me, you may want to add Days of Our Lives, Dallas, Knots Landing, Falcon Crest, Dynasty (should I pause now?). You see, I too was a TV obsessed kid and this is why I think Andy and I would get along so well.


At Bravo, Andy is responsible for overseeing production of such hits as Top Chef and The Real Housewives and development of new franchises for the network. He is also host and executive producer of Watch What Happens Live, Bravo’s late-night interactive talk show. My DVR does not miss one episode. He also hosts the network’s always interesting reunion specials.

I think if I had to do it all over again, my life would mirror that of one of my favorite personalities, Mr. Andy Cohen.

For know, I look forward to flipping the pages and relishing Andy’s memoir. I can call him Andy, right? I do feel like he’s a great friend.


What are you reading this summer?

Most Talkative, y’all!


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  1. I'm looking for something to read right now, and I do know what I am NOT reading--the 50 shades trilogy! I, too, was obsessed with all those nighttime soap operas--never missed an episode. ;)

  2. I loved all the same shows from the 70 & 80's that you did ~ Days, Charlie's Angels, Dallas, Knot's Landing, etc. Did you know that Dallas will start airing new epsiodes next week on TNT (I think?)? It is has former characters plus the next generation of kids.

    What am I reading this summer? I have a list a mile long including a pile of books I brought home from the THS library. Two books of my favorite authors are from the south and have books coming out in the next week or so. Mary Kay Andrews has a new book, Spring Fever, that comes out this week. Her brother owns Parasols in NOLA. She will have a book signing and talk on June 17th. Most of her books take place in Savannah, Tybee Island, and other nearby areas. Most of Dorothy Benton Frank's books take place in the Charleston and Lowland Country area. Her latest book is "Porch Lights". Last summer, one of her book stops was in NOLA at Octavia Books. Looks like both are great "beach reads"


  3. I was hooked on Days of Our Lives from 7th grade until about 10 years ago. Which, if you knew how old I am, you would know, that is a lot of years. Lets just say I started watching around 1975. I finally gave up the obsession. But I have new addictions now this Blog. :-)


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