Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oyster Platter from dk clay


I guess some of you are right. I should be called the Uptown Oyster. Ha!

platter 3

I was elated to receive a great new round oyster platter from dk clay recently to add to my growing collection of oyster serve ware. I really like the size of the newest platter. With a 15” diameter, it is large enough to easily arrange hors d’oeurves and desserts. It is a substantial serving piece. Presently, I am using the platter to hold an array of seasonal fruits- oranges, limes, lemons, key limes.

platter 2

J and I do a lot of entertaining, usually in small circles, so the serve ware is used quite often. When they are not being used, each piece serves as great display pieces and original works of art. I have always loved decorating with my serve ware whether hanging on a wall or on a shelf standing on an easel.

Take a look at the oyster detail:

platter 4

Debbie of dk clay is feverishly working on several other pieces for me, so I hope to share these with you soon. Creativity is a process and does not always sit well with my instant gratification style.

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dk clay, y’all!


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