Thursday, August 16, 2012

How does my Garden Grow? {Late Summer edition}


As you saw back in May, my front garden is very small but filled with shrubs, leaves, caladiums, begonias, and more. Here is how it look back then:


After a hot and rainy summer, here is how it looks today.


It is lush and very healthy. I have to prune daily with the amounts of rain over the past month. Plants are really, really happy and are growing, growing, growing.




How does your garden grow?

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Late Summer Gardening, y’all!


  1. Looking good, Ron! My caladiums, sweet potato vines and elephant ears are growing like crazy, as well. They don't seem to be affected by our heat at all!

  2. Just barely, my garden grows just barely. Try looking for those hen's teeth. Your garden is lovely and lush. Love the fountain. I love a water feature anytime. I planted fern in my two tier fountain. We have lots of pines. The needles kept clogging and burning out the motors. After three motors, I planted fern. I do need to photograph that.
    So I guess school in swing. Do you teach in the public schools or university? What courses do you teach. Sorry, grannies are a nosey lot.
    xo Ginger

    1. Thanks. I teach in a private school, and I teach middle school science. Xo


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