Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vagabond House {Fall}


One of the things I like about the Fall season (besides cooler temperatures) is getting to change accessories around the house. One collection of accessories that I really like to display at this time of year is the pewter acorn & natural antler accessories made by Vagabond House. I have collected these since my days in Atlanta purchasing several from B.D. Jeffries and Boxwoods.


Most of my pieces are from the Lodge Style and Majestic Forest Collections.

Lodge Style collection: Showcasing our unique pieces combining natural antler with pewter and other fine materials, inspired by traditional metal and antler serve ware created by master artisans of Sheffield, England as the 19th Century turned to the 20th. Here you will also find captivating pieces honoring the deer family; the noble stag, gentle doe, the elusive elk and mighty moose. A durable organic, renewable resource, we use only naturally shed antler, gathered and hand-turned by artisans in North America. Using antler expresses our company mission to create products reflecting our company values of tradition, independence, environmental stewardship and master craftsmanship.”

Majestic Forest collection: Honoring noble oak trees, simple acorns and all flora and fauna of forest life, Vagabond House has created a stunning line of Acorn and Oak Leaf accented pieces. Powerful symbols, oak leaves represent strength, honor, liberty, hospitality, faith, and virtue. Acorns symbolize birth, renewal and the patience to attain goals over long periods of time. In the fall, tiny acorns fall from mighty oaks; a few survive to become new trees in the spring. As the new trees become mature, new acorns appear, beginning the cycle of life anew.”

Noble Materials-Inspired Lines-Captivating Styles


Acorn oakleaf candle holder


Acorn oakleaf plate


Acorn oakleaf sauce bowl


Acorn oakleaf box


Acorn salt and pepper


Natural shed antler pitcher


Natural shed antler wine/champagne bucket


Natural shed antler salt & pepper


Each piece is a work of art and so well crafted. I know I will use these for many years to come.

Each piece is marked and numbered.


Check out Vagabond House: Click HERE

Vagabond House, y’all!


  1. I love the Antler Shed Pitcher! That's a great collection that you have. Great for the Fall and Winter!

  2. You have beautiful pieces Ron! Love the pitcher with the shed antler handle and the natural shed S&P.

  3. Ron, I really like all those acorn accents. You decorate nicely. Smiles, Susie

  4. OMG, Ron. You are one lucky fellow. These accessories are to die for.
    Sally T.

  5. i love that shed antler pitcher...quite a conversation piece.

    just stopping by to thank you for asking about my absence....long story short, we rented my mom's house out last week and they moved in saturday, since then it's been one thing after another gone wrong...her house is 50+ years old and she didn't maintain we;re gutting one bathroom and i'm having to choose tile & vanity, we also found out the AC unit is shot so that's another $$$$$! if i'm out of the loop for a while please excuse me but never fear, i'm missing all my sweet blog friends!


  6. Love your acorn candle holder and champagne bucket! I just looked at the Vagabond House site, and decided I'd like one of everything. :) I wish.

  7. Love your fall accessories... How appropriate to collect acorns! :). Beautiful!!!


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