Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red Wolf Wilderness Adventures {Home away from home}


Those who know me know that camping is not my thing as I would rather spend my nights in a Ritz-Carlton, a W, or a Westin.


This was my bedroom with two other chaperones for the past two nights.


This is where the students slept.


The pavilion, our meeting area.


All in all, the temperature cooperated and there was NO humidity.


Until next year, bye bye Red Wolf. If you enjoy camping, this place is certainly for you.


I need my room service and my wait staff. And of course, MY BED!

Au revoir, y’all!


  1. I can't believe you weren't crazy about your 5-star accommodations. This beats the Ritz-Carlton hands down! Glad you survived the wilderness. Looking forward to your blog tomorrow! Welcome home! :)

  2. You survived, and I bet your so glad to be back home!! Camping is not my thing either! I bet the kids had a blast!

  3. Ron, I have the utmost respect for you taking on this!!! I remember those days with my girls and there was no place like HOME!!!


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