Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall Flashback {Atlanta}


Every year in Atlanta, J & I would host “Happy Fall Y’all”, our annual Fall soiree. I do miss those days. Atlanta actually had Fall temperatures for an extended period. The changing of the leaves and cooler temperatures excited my senses.



Today, I am looking back at my Atlanta Fall decor, and my Fall parties. I do love New Orleans, but I will always cherish the memories of my Atlanta Fall decor and celebrations.


Grab your cup of coffee and reminisce with me as I look back at Fall in the ATL and my home, Wisteria Hill.

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For all my readers, I wish you safe travels and a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for following the Uptown Acorn.

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Atlanta in the Fall, y’all!


  1. Beautiful! I would miss that house, too--am so envious of areas which truly have four seasons, especially the Fall. Sandra Lee would adore your "table scape" for your Fall soiree! It is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed Thanksgiving! <3

  2. Hi Jim, I'm headed to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and some shopping. Was in NO last month, I know you do enjoy that city too. Gorgeous photos from the ATL home.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

    The French Hutch

  3. Ron, beautiful! Wishing you and Jeff a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank YOU for sharing your great ideas and experiences with us too. Luv ya, Beth

  4. Ron, beautiful pictures! Wishing you and Jeff a Happy Thanksgiving too and thank YOU for sharing your wonderful ideas and experiences with us. Luv ya, Beth

  5. Ron,
    Hello! I stumbled across your blog this morning and immediatly recognized your previous home in ATL. I drive past it every day on my way home to Dupont Commons (since 2005). I always admired your beautiful landscape and holiday decorations. I also remember your construction project on the upper level. My husband and I disagreed on what it could be...I said fabulous closet, he said bathroom expansion. Were either of us correct? I assumed that there was a lot of love and warmth in your house because you frequently had a driveway full of cars. Now I can see that my assumption was correct as I browse through your blog posts. Your new home in LA is fabulous! Fall here in 30318 has been less than spectacular this year, but the weather has been great. I'm sorry we did not get to meet you and your partner while you were here. Happy Thanksgiving Y'all. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

    1. Lori- Yes! That's us! We loved our house, but hated the large truck traffic on Marietta Road. We have many great memories in that house. We have a couple friends in Dupont Commons- Stuart and Scott and best friends in Parkview- Marty and Charlie. We have been back only once since our move in 2008. The yard and house was looking worn. It was hard to see. Sorry we did not meet you either. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. xo

    2. Oh! And the addition was a bedroom and bath. You can find the pics in an earlier blog post on Friday Flashback...The Addition. Enjoy!

  6. Wow, your Atlanta home was beautiful too! Your floral arrangements are stunning. I also love the front door-such a classic. Thanks for sharing! I hope that you and J have a blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs, Meghan

  7. Since I live in the Atlanta area I know how you feel about Fall. It's been lovely this year for me! Nice temps and some gorgeous leaves! Still I will always have a very special place in my heart for New Orleans! Hugs, Linda

  8. Good Afternoon Ron, What a stunning home you had in Atlanta. My daughter used to live in Dunwoody, which is also a beautiful area of Atlanta. I thoroughly understand why you miss your Atlanta home, but I have to say, the home you have now is beautiful and I can see it is full of love. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Best Wishes from England. Daphne

  9. Wow, Ron! That is beautiful! I am your newest follower!


  10. ron, you are truly gifted! i hope you and J have a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving!


  11. Whatever you do, you do beautifully. I would LOVE to have been a guest at one of your par-tays! xo Diana

  12. Love your fall decorations and those cupcakes look divine! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Ron --
    Sorry I didn't know you when you lived in Atl. I would love to be invited to one of these parties. Ok -- that's a little stalkerish -- maybe just meet you for coffee. (Then....maybe you'd invite me.) It's a beautiful day here in Atl. Wishing you blessings galore.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale


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