Saturday, December 15, 2012

Decking the Halls, the Courtyard {Christmas 2012}


Step out back into the courtyard…


The color red is dominant again this season as I always like to coordinate the inside with the outside. J & I treat the courtyard as an outdoor room. Red goes really well with all the green lushness that already exists in the courtyard.


A mixed green wreath surrounds the clock. The wreath is filled with C9 clear bulbs. It looks so festive at night.

9 photo_2

The bust, Mi-Shell-Angelo, is adorned with greens and red orbs.

Three large glass orbs from NoMas (Atlanta) hang at different heights and offer holiday color.


A mixed green garland decked with large red orbs completes a vignette near the main seating area.


Two real magnolia garland are draped on each of the den windows. They look great from inside too. They have dried considerably due to the recent heat wave.

2 3 photo_4 photo_5

A magnolia garland is wound around a conical topiary form in the rear of the courtyard.


Fresh garlands line the railings and posts.

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White lights line the top of the fence.

4 5 11

Each macho fern is also decorated with red orbs.


The courtyard shines and is fun to view from inside.

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Those affected by the tragedy today and residents of Newtown, CT are in my thoughts and prayers.


Decking the Courtyard, y’all!


  1. Pretty courtyard, Ron! The red really does pop against all of the greens. What a lovely retreat!

  2. Your courtyard is beautiful, Ron. I love the reds with the tropical lushness you have. Blessings to you. Next Tuesday is a Silence and Support day for bloggers. If you email me I will send you the graphic. I can't email you because of the NoReply (it is so stupid) thing. xo Diana No one that I know has figured out how to fix it on the "new blogger" xo Diana

  3. Ron, how nice to have such a pretty courtyard and to dress it up for the holidays. It looks great. Thanks for your comment. I know this person is upset that we are blogging yet she is reading them.

  4. Your courtyard is lovely. As a "virtual" guest, I have loved viewing your blogs! <3

  5. Ron, I love your courtyard and what a great space to decorate. I am enjoying seeing all your beautiful Christmas decor.


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