Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merriment on Magazine Street 2012


Merriment on Magazine Street is always a hit with locals and tourists alike.


J & I started our day with a bloody Mary and mimosa at the Audubon Clubhouse. We love to eat on the back porch overlooking the Audubon Golf Course. The oak tree canopies are amazing. Chicken salad on croissants with sweet potato fries was each of our choices.


After lunch, J & I headed for a day of shopping on Magazine Street. Every year, Magazine Street merchants open their doors on Saturdays in December for Merriment on Magazine. Merchants provide light foods, drinks, and entertainment for shoppers. Magazine Street was packed.


First stop: Scriptura

Scriptura is a great local stationary shop. Our purpose was to pick up our 2012 Christmas cards. We purchase the custom-made New Orleans themed cards annually. We always love the designs. This year’s card is another great one which I’ll share with you later.


While flipping through the cards, another customer caught my attention. She looked at me in amazement and stated, “Are you??? Are you (she was stunned)??? Are you Uptown Acorn?” I was shocked. She was visiting from San Antonio, TX and follows my blog regularly. OMG! I felt like a blog-celebrity! LOL! She complimented the blog immensely and could not believe I had only been at this for less than a year. She had already been to several shops I had recommended such as Hazelnut. She was in Scriptura from my recommendation. You never know who is listening (or reading) when we share our favorite places and things. I suggested she eat dinner at La Petite Grocery. I cannot wait to hear from her in blogland. It was great meeting a fellow blogger and her hubby.


Please check her out at The Fab Spot.

Next stop: Whimsy

After purchasing our Scriptura cards, we crossed the street to Whimsy, a shop with the best cocktail napkins, cups, and party goods.


Next stop: Hazelnut


Hazelnut has the most unique finds and gifts. J & I were lucky that owner Bryan Batt was in shop. It was great catching up with him and Betsy, a friend, behind the counter. Miss Katy was hard at work in their recently opened 2nd location in Mandeville, across the lake for those of you not familiar with south LA. Catch ya next time, Katy!

We left with two of these glittered deer ornaments.

1 2 3 4

Next stop: Pied Nu


Pied Nu is filled with unique Christmas decor and gifts. I love their collections of glittered deer, ornaments, and letters.

Next stop: Orient Expressed


Orient Expressed has the most stylish home accessories.


Next stop: Aux Belles Choses


Aux Belle Choses never disappoints. The collections of glittered trees and vintage French decor always make me happy.


More merriment the next two weeks…

J & I concluded our fabulous day with drinks and a great meal at Crepe Nanou, a neighborhood fave.


How did you spend your weekend?

Holiday merriment, y’all!


  1. I want to go with you all next time! what did you leave to do for today?

  2. That is so cool that a fellow blogger recognized you--you are definitely a "celebrity"! ;) I'm going to check out her blog. Looks like you and J had a wonderful day. I could eat that chicken salad right now, and I love La Crepe Nanou--haven't been there in years. Have a great day! :)

  3. What a perfectly lovely day! I visited with friends but our shopping was limited to Sam's Club! hugs, Linda

  4. Ron, sounds like a fabulous day! I just bought Bryan's book, Big Easy Style, from a great shop in Alabama, last weekend! How fun that he was in the shop! And to top it all off, you're a celebrity!! I'd love to shop with you!!

    1. Shenita--- I can have Bryan sign it for you! xo

  5. We have a celebrity on our block! That is so cool!!!

  6. We have a celebrity living on our block! How cool is that!!!

  7. Ron-It looks like you have some wonderful spots to visit there. The glitter and glitz in your area is wonderful. How fun that someone recognized you from your blog. I have had that happen once when we were traveling, too. It's an amazing feeling, isn't it? Blessings to you- xo Diana

  8. Ron,
    Magazine street is always a lot of fun...Orient Expressed is one of my favs. How neat, that you got to meet a folower of your blog. It has happened to me a few times, and it kinda feels funny. My funny story daughter and SIL were spotted on their honeymoon (out of the country) from one of my followers (you just never know). You will be featured at my party on Monday, so please feel free to grab my starfish featured button for your blog. I hope to get that price for you tomorrow.


  9. Ron, you are tots a celeb! OMG, I only go to for kids clothes, must check out the home stuff! Thanks for the pointer!

  10. So many great shops....I am totally envious! How fun that another blogger recognized you too :o)

  11. Fun times. I love that you were recognized by a fellow blogger. You are a star. Your blog is fantastic. xo, Jill

  12. Hey Ron! It's your celebrity-stalker, Amanda at The Fab Spot! It was so nice to run into you on Magazine Street! Can you tell from the photo I was a little embarrassed to have introduced myself? Although I had just met Brian Batt at Hazelnut, it was just as much fun to see you, so you have definitely reached celeb-status! Thank you so much for all the NOLA tips - we had a great time and I hope you'll let me know if you come to San Antonio so I can return the favor!


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