Monday, February 11, 2013

Geaux Cups {Mardi Gras 2013}


Yesterday, I shared my Mardi Gras Mambo punch with you. In the words of RHOA Phaedra Parks, “everyone knows” that you have to be able to take it with you to and from the parades. What better way to take your cocktail with you than with a stylish “geaux cup”.


We New Orleanians definitely adore our “geaux cups”, and each is getting more and more creative.

This year, I picked up my Mardi Gras supply at Party Cup Express in Harahan. They are made of durable, frosted plastic. BFF Sal surprised me with even more as contribution to my hosting of Mardi Gras soirees. It was funny that he purchased the same ones that I bought two weeks prior. Great minds think alike!

This year’s “geaux cups” include two terms that mean a lot to any New Orleanian, Sidewalk Side & Neutral Ground Side. Both have to do with riders positions on the floats. Whenever a krewe member gives you his/her float number, it is always followed by sidewalk or neutral ground side.

Sidewalk side


Neutral Ground side


I also purchased several sleeves of the cups with regal purple crowns. I think they are quite festive too.


Along with Sal’s stash, he also purchased the cups depicting a purple, green, and gold streetcar with the words, Mardi Gras on the Avenue (St. Charles Avenue, that is.)


“Geaux cups” are very New Orleans. Take your cocktail and GEAUX!


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Lundi Gras

Cheers with “geaux cups”, y’all!


  1. I love these! And I love that crown stirrer!!! Enjoying all of your Mardi Gras posts (and all the others) from up here in BR!

  2. Just checked out this store; what GREAT STUFF!

  3. You have a wonderful start for the festivity Ron.

  4. Love those cups...very festive!!!

  5. Very stylish "geaux" cups and those napkins area perfect accompaniment! Happy Mardi Gras to you and Jeff! :)

  6. Love the cups. You always have the best goods for your crowd.


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