Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hippity, Hoppity… Bunnies {Easter 2013}


Bunnies always signify Easter, don’t they?


My favorite one was given to me years ago by my cousin Laurie and her husband Chuck. It is about 3 feet tall and features burlap-like material.


The wascally wabbit is dressed in a velvet jacket with tails, and he carries a wire basket with three small chicks.

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Mr. Wabbit stands at attention and greets all guests in front of the parlor mantle.

A set of foil rabbits resembling delicious foiled-chocolate rabbits are grouped together on the secretary.

photo_5 photo_4

A small rectangular tray from Little Miss Muffin of a vintage-style Easter postcard completes the vignette.


The next bunny is on the kitchen island. Mr. Bunny is made of coarse grasses and dried. I adore how he is holding a carrot. What’s up doc?

photo_1 photo_2

The bunny linen towel hanging on the oven was a birthday gift a couple years ago from none other than my BFF at Dixie Delights.


Here are two more topiary bunnies outside.

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Dixie Delights must know I like guest towels because look what was waiting for me in my mailbox today. The crab linen towel will hang perfectly in the powder room. I love my birthday gift, Amanda (and a personal thank you note is on the way).


I know I stated in an early blog that I really don’t “like” pastels, but I guess the Easter season inspires me to do what I love…decorate!

Some bunny love ya!

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Hippity, Hoppity, y’all!


  1. Wow that big rabbit is really unique! What a nice gift! You've blended your Easter bunnies in very nicely. The foil pieces are nice clustered on your secretary. Those towels are both really special! I have some blue crab plates that one would go with nicely! I don't know when your birthday was but Happy Birthday! Mine is Sunday (hooray for Aries)!

  2. You do have a VERY large storage shed correct? I have never seen such holiday decorating. For every holiday too!

  3. That rabbit from Laurie and her husband is the bomb, and I just adore the vignette on the secretary with the cluster of foil rabbits and the vintage-inspired tray--it is just perfect! I know you will proudly display that towel from Amanda--she sure knows your likes. Have a great day! :)

  4. Ron. what dapper bunnies you have! You really do have such a unique collection of Easter decor. I love it!

  5. Ron your bunnies are too cute! I love the one on the silver tray in your kitchen!

  6. Luv your array of rabbits. The cutest I must say is the one made of dried grasses. Isn't he just adorable? You mentioned the carrot under his arm, but wait a minute, those little green burlap pants are to die for!!
    I guess Happy Birthday is on order as well. Happy birthday Ron!! May your day be( hoped it was if I missed it) filled with luv and joy!
    Hugs, Gee

  7. I think those bunnies are all adorable. I LOVE the big one on you mantle with the chicks. How cute is THAT!?! I have a couple of the foil covered ones, too, Ron. They are some of my favorites. I do think Spring just calls for pastels and you haven't overdone it a bit. Have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  8. Ron, all your bunnies have personality! No bunnies have hopped out of storage yet, but hopefully they'll begin to hop down from the attic sometime tomorrow. Seeing all of your cuties inspires me to get it done. ~ Sarah

  9. Ron, Your velvet jacketed Mr.Wabbit is very handsome, and certainly has lots of cute friends. I'm sorry to say I have no rabbits, only two little chicks and a few eggs. Guess I'd better get hoppin'..I mean shoppin'. Thanks for the inspiration.


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