Friday, April 5, 2013

Fern Botanicals


It is no secret that I love botanical prints and also symmetrical arrangements, so I was elated to find a set of 6 botanicals on a recent jaunt to my hometown. As I stated before, House of Fashion is not just for fashion; moreover, it is a shoppe filled with wonderful accessories.


Each framed fern botanical is large, measuring 28” x 22”. The botanicals are framed in distressed black frames, burlap mats, and off white frame moldings. Of course, I adore the burlap mat. I know there are lots of burlap fans out there too.

2 photo_3 photo_5 photo_2

I have wanted to change the art on the rear wall in the den and breakfast rooms for some time. The green fern botanicals fill the wall from floor to ceiling in the narrow spaces along the back wall. The botanicals also add more green (which I love), and bring the lush greenery of the outside courtyard in.

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I also love the symmetry of the three botanical pictures as each is placed lengthwise on each wall.


What do you think?


Fern botanicals, y’all!


  1. I just love those, Ron. It is one of my favorite looks. They are perfect for those narrow walls there and I am all about symmetry myself. Perfect find and the matting is beautiful- xo Diana

  2. Looks like they were created just for those spots! Beautiful!

  3. Love the way they complete the look in the den! Great job! Have a great day! xoxo

  4. Will you just come and decorate my home please. I love your style.

  5. I love botanicals too and these look fantastic in your home. susan @

  6. Just beautiful and so classic! ~Amy

  7. Oh I LOVE them Ron...just what I've been looking for, for my powder room!

  8. Have you seen Tartanscot's recent blog on green? Great creative minds think alike!

    When I was first out of college, I needed artwork, and instead of buying cheap cat posters (gag) I framed leaves and ferns myself. Not nearly as well done as your beauties, but I was on the right track.

  9. Can you tell me where to purchase the fern botanical prints?

    1. I purchased at House of Fashion in Thibodaux, LA 70301


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