Saturday, June 8, 2013

Top Ten


Some of you have David Letterman’s Top Ten list while we have BFF Eric Escher’s more personal Top Ten lists.

EE recently texted J & I his most recent compilations for us. And I must say that he is “spot on” even though I hate to admit it on some of these.


Ron's Grand Isle check list:

1-R&J matching towels

2-R&J matching chairs
3-R&J matching cups
4-skinny girl
5-bain de soliel sunscreen
6-southern tide bathing suit
7-leash for Jeff
8-Brittany cd
9-ray bans
10-i phone to blog

Hmmmm? Vineyard Vines has some great leashes. I love #7. Now, why would you think that, Eric?


EE’s Top Ten on Jeff:

Jeff's Florida check list:

1-bottles of champagne
2-bottles of orange juice
3-light blue and white cat-cutter bathing suit
4-pointer sister cd

5-work computer to constantly ck emails
6-white Gilligan beach hat
7-tanning oil so he can get darker than Chuckie
8-Xanax to put Honey to bed early
9-i phone to call his mom
10-earplugs so he won't have to listen to Ron boss him around and brag about being off all summer!!!

I might add lots & lots of bug spray.

Thanks for the laughs, Eric!!!


Top Tens, y’all!


  1. Love it! I must say that Eric is quite observant when it comes to you and J! Have a great day! Cheers! xoxo

  2. Those are funny. I especially liked the Xanax one! lol And I use Bain de Soliel, too! xo Diana

  3. Gosh! I'm jealous. Wish I was there. That white sandy beach looking out at the ocean looks so beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  4. Love this! Now back to Jeff... :-)

  5. What kind of vacation is this that you need leashes for? Haha


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