Friday, August 23, 2013

Cheers times two!


I love to have an easy, convenient spot to place a cocktail when I am being entertained in someone’s home.


Since J & I entertain guests so much, I was stoked to find these metal drink tables upon a recent Magazine Street excursion. I purchased two of the exact style.Can you tell how much I love the closeness of Magazine Street?


The tables can be moved easily, so they can go from the parlor to the den as easy as pie. Each table is has a bronzed finish and is reminiscent of a vintage-style bistro table. The curved legs are tres chic.



Simply sit back comfortably and place your cocktail on the drink table. It is the perfect size for a cocktail and a nibble.



Time for some parlor patter and a cocktail as J & I like to call it.

And I was so excited when I returned home yesterday. Look what arrived… my copy of House Proud. I could not wait to rip the envelope open and get to Chapter 7.

It's here

I cannot share the details with you yet, but our home was well featured, and the story of our home is so well written. I cannot wait to share with you all in September.

You can pre-order House Proud by clicking HERE.

Drink tables, y’all!


  1. Very nice! Those tables are perfect and I love their shape! It's so exciting that your home is featured in this book. I've added it to my Amazon list!

  2. I love the little tables! I also struggle with this when we are having larger parties!

  3. Those little wine tables (that's what I call them) are wonderful! I agree that they are so necessary when you entertain. You'll get a lot of use out those. Congrats on being published in a book too. I can't wait to see your home in it! I bet that is taking a place of precedence on your coffee table now.

  4. Love the little tables.....would fit perfectly next to me wherever I am with my trusted laptop!!!

  5. I love those tables. You and J always find the coolest things on your shopping jaunts. Next time I'm in NOLA, I'll have to drop in and have a cocktail and see the tables in person. I can't wait for the book to come out with your house featured in it! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  6. What cute tables, Ron! Perfect for a cocktail! I know you were so excited to see your home in print...what an honor! Can't wait to see the feature!

  7. Those tables are awesome. Where on Magazine!! I'm going to be there soon and may need to pick one up.

    Congrats on the house feature!!

  8. Just the right little tables are hard to find, and yours are perfect! Love the size and finish. Way to shop!

  9. Awesome tables.. score!!
    Congratulations on the feature.


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