Thursday, August 29, 2013

Southern Biscuits {Carrie’s}


I cannot wait to try these delicious looking and sounding biscuits this holiday weekend.


Have any of you ever tried this brand of Southern biscuits?

J purchased a package of 24 from local Uptown staple Langenstein’s. They should taste delicious as he paid $30.00 for the package.


We will be baking the black pepper bacon flavored biscuits.


From the Charleston bakery that brings you Callie's Biscuits comes a selection of modern recipes from Callie White's daughter Carrie. In keeping with the family tradition, Carrie's Biscuits are made-by-hand in small batches and these Black Pepper Bacon Biscuits are simple ingredients made scrumptious. Caramelized bacon along with freshly cracked black pepper, cream cheese, and a handful of green onions, make these cocktail-sized Southern biscuits a welcome treat anytime. We've done the hard part, all you need to do is heat and indulge.


More products: click HERE!


I will definitely let you know how these scrumptious sounding biscuits taste. Ooooooh! I cannot wait.


Carrie’s biscuits, y’all!


  1. Just got my book in the mail from Amazon today! Can't wait to pour a
    Glass of wine and look thru it!!!

    1. Candy- I cannot wait to hear what you think of Chapter 7. Cheers!!!! xo

  2. For $30, those biscuits should be the bomb, which I'm sure they are! Can't wait to hear how they are. :) Have a great holiday weekend! xoxo

  3. $30??? My Grandmother would roll over in her grave! These biscuits do sound divine, and I hope they butter themselves and dance into your mouth for that $$!!!

    Do tell all the scrumptious details!

  4. Lord have mercy. Only Jeff would pay $30 for biscuits. That being said, I sure wish I could be there to try them over coffee tawk. love ya!


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