Monday, November 4, 2013

Taceaux Loceaux


You already know that one of the things I love about living in New Orleans is that my area Uptown is very walkable. J & I walk to dinner quite a bit as it is always easier than having to find a place to park and safer after a couple of cocktails.


truck -side

Are you into the food truck craze? J & I are not, but we do appreciate the food truck, Taceaux Loceaux which dispenses delicious tacos outside of Kingpin, a popular local “watering hole”.

Taceaux Loceaux parks outside of Kingpin just three blocks away on Friday evening, so the walk is a convenient one.


The menu features various traditional tacos such as chicken, pork, and brisket and less traditional ones including andouille sausage.


J & I ordered nachos {nacheauxs loceaux} and two different tacos each. Each order consists of two tacos.


I had the chicken taco {Seoul Man}and andouille {Aieeeeeee} taco.



J noshed on the brisket {Messin with Texas} and pork {Carnital Knowledge} selections.



All were delicious.

It is great having an option so close to home.

Taceaux Loceaux, y’all!!!


  1. woo hoo...being from Texas, we love Tex-Mex food and beef tacos are our favorite.
    All these look delicious.
    I've never even seen a food truck, other than in movies, but if I ever do, I will surely eat from it. This one is sooo cute. :))

  2. Being from NYC originally, I loved the food-truck when I was a Young girl in College and worked in a Factory where they made pannels for the 747 plane at the time, lol! I ate from a truck that came to the Factory. I worked as a secretary part time. This Tex Mex food sounds very yummy. I also love New Orleans, one of my fav towns in the USA, except for NY...hehehe...also love San Francisco and not much LA. I think it's fun sometimes, you guys enjoyed it too. Thanks for your sweet visit my dear Ron.

  3. THAT one looks good. When I lived in FL various vending trucks came around and we would call out, "The Roach Coach" is here. lol They've come a long way baby! xo Diana

  4. I love good food trucks. There are some that have really fresh and good food. Glad you liked Taceaux Loceaux. xoxo!

  5. Our town just voted to allow those this summer. We're a very tourist oriented area and they decided this year to give it a try. There were a lot of the local restaurant owners that were unhappy but I don't think they took away too much business from them so I'm sure they'll be sticking around. This one in your area looks like it serves up a nice menu!

  6. I love the names of their items. Messin with Texas, AIEEEE, Jane Deaux Bet the food was great too.

  7. The Tacos look wonderful..We don't have many food trucks here except at fairs and football games..Usually hot dogs and Lemonade..nothing great like those Tacos.


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