Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Turtle Shell Installation


I adore tortoise shells for their natural, rustic yet classic look. I have also always admired tortoise shells used in wall installations. The more, the merrier. Right?

wall art 2

wall art

On a Magazine Street jaunt Saturday, I was excited to find 4 large snapper turtle shells at AKA Stella Gray. The price was unbelievable as I have seen these shells in excess of $100-$200 each.


I quickly installed the shells in the parlor atop two of my favorite hunt-inspired canvases I purchased from Atlanta’s The Plantation Shop years ago. The grouping makes a huge impact and highlights the 14 foot ceilings.




I adore tortoise shells. Click HERE and HERE.



Turtle Shells, y’all!


  1. Love them! I've had my eye on two at the local antique store for awhile now!

  2. I love them Ron and I love the two paintings hanging beneath them too!! Beautiful display!!

  3. I must admit that this is the first time I have seen tortoise shells used in this way! We do not live in an area where tortoises are common, so finding shells is not very likely. Or - I've become totally out of touch with what's happening!:-) Yours have added a nice touch to your high ceiling.

  4. I also love natural elements in decorating. The designs on turtle shells are beautiful. My son and I once found a huge sea turtle, unfortunately dead, on the shore of Mobile Bay. Since it is rare that these turtles come up into the Bay, we called the Delta River Museum and Science Center who sent someone to collect and study it. Part of me wishes I could have that shell back!

  5. Love! Now I hope you have them real secure as that's my parlor chair and I don't want one falling from 14' onto my head :-)

  6. Looks great, Ron! I love your parlor. Have a great day! xoxo

  7. I love the look, it's perfect that you have the height in your home to create a collective display of the shells in this fashion.
    It's very European to display shells, taxadermy, creatures under glass bell jars (cloches) and such, I will enjoy getting to know you much better here.

    Good day hunting.


  8. Love them. And, sounds like you got a great deal on them. I too love the hunt scene prints. Debating about using some in our new Master bedroom design. Wish I'd kept the ones I had years ago :-(

  9. I like those too. Yours look great displayed above your pictures. I agree that they can be difficult to find.

  10. Those look fabulous! I will have to live with my faux Nate Berkus shell from Target. Having high ceilings is such a perfect way to display them.

  11. Those look great. I've never seen them for sale in stores up here. They'd want an arm & a leg for them if they did sell them up here! What is used to hang them?


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