Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Honey!


Happy Birthday to the matriarch of the family my mom, Honey. We love you so much!



Honey 2

Let’s “dream” of warmer weather. Enjoy your freezing birthday in your pjs all day. Stay warm!

We will celebrate with you this weekend. We have a dirty martini with your name on it.

As I enjoy my second “sneaux day”, I am praying for those friends and others stuck on the highways in and around Atlanta. My BFF Amanda’s husband has been in his car at I-75 and 285 for over 16 hours. Unbelieveable! I cannot imagine being in my car not moving one inch for so long.


Amanda’s most recent facebook status:

16 hours later and Ward is still sitting trapped in gridlock on 75 at 285. He's hungry and tired and so patient that I want to scream "what is being done to help these people?????" Praying for quick help for him and all.

You must read Amanda’s latest blog post at Dixie Delights. It brought tears to my eyes. Click HERE.

The stories of individuals abandoning their cars and walking home or to friends is shocking to me. I hope the city and state officials are held accountable.


Cheers to Honey, y’all!


  1. Love that sun hat it's too fabulous! Stay warm!

  2. Happy Birthday to Honey! I know y'all will celebrate her birthday in a special way. Amanda's blog broke my heart. I can't imagine the nightmare that she is going through, not to mention her husband and all of the other people stranded in and outside of Atlanta. Praying for the safe return of him and everyone else. xoxo

  3. You're so sweet- Happy Birthday to your mom! I hope everyone will be okay down there since the weather is knocking you around a bit. I can't imagine being stuck on the freeway like that either. I imagine the ones who abandoned their cars are going to get ticketed and a big bill for towing. No fun.

  4. Happy birthday to your mom, she looks wonderful! Wow, you didn't get away from the snow either Ron! Take care and keep warm.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday, Honey. Your Mama's boy loves you. I have one just like him--aren't we lucky!?!
    Headed over to Amanda's- xo Diana

  6. Happy Birthday to Honey! Stay safe and warm, Ron!

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom! What a beautiful lady. Ya'll stay warm. Yes, 3 inches and glare ice here. Took my oldest 7+ hours to get home (normally an hour drive). Amanda's IG posts last night broke my heart. The pictures of the interstates were jaw-dropping...looked more like the parking lot at Fulton County stadium. Worse yet, little ones stranded on buses or at school. Just listened to the press conference. The city and government officials here are getting blasted, and rightfully so!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your pretty momma! She is quite stylish on the beach! Our schools are closed today and tomorrow due to the bad streets. It is getting better now that the sun is out though. I was shocked by all the news coverage of the traffic jam in Atlanta. I couldn't believe it either about being trapped in a car on the icy streets for hours and hours. I stayed home all day yesterday and don't plan on leaving until I feel sure that I won't get stuck somewhere. I'm a bit leary of taking my fairly new, very clean car out too. LOL! So, I will be getting cabin fever soon, I'm sure.

  9. Happy birthday to your beauty of a Mother! And yes, what a horrific situation in Atlanta!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to your lovely mother! I was stuck in traffic in Atlanta for 6 hours going 14 miles which is normally a 45 min commute after work, but that is NOTHING compared to your friend's nightmare. This has been unreal.

  11. Your Mom looks wonderful! Love that sun hat! Hope she has a marvelous birthday and someone please have a dirty martini for me! :)

    The ATL situation has been so sad. We had that horrific ice storm in early Dec and folks were stranded on freeways up to 26 hours! I can't even imagine. There are lots of good stories coming out of ATL glad.



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