Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mardi Gras bouquets


I am a lil late today. I guess it is Nyx parade “fever”. Nyx put on an excellent show last night, but it was windy and too cold for me.


As always during the Mardi Gras season, I turn to my favorite florist, Monique Chauvin and her team over at Mitch’s Flowers on Magazine Street for several fresh flower bouquets.


All I ask for when I place my order is that the bouquets are loose and the flowers representative of the colors of the season, purple, green, and gold. I already have the crown containers, so I drop them off, and the arrangements are delivered to my door.

Each arrangement features roses, hydrangea, and other flowers in the seasonal colors.

Take a look at the three arrangements I am using in various rooms of the house this season.

In the parlor…




On the breakfast table….




In the den… {by the way, the saucer has been removed}





There is nothing better to me in the world than good ole fresh flowers. I wish I were a very wealthy man and could have them delivered weekly.

How about this look for some class? It rained here yesterday and the medians remain muddy and slushy, so I pulled out the clear, plastic runners to protect the carpets in the parlor and dining areas. Pretty, huh?




Fresh Flowers, y’all!


  1. Love!! I need some of those runners for the lot of boys always running around my house :-)

  2. Beautiful, Ron! I love fresh flowers in the house, too! Those runners are a very good thing!

  3. Lovely flowers. Don't blame you form placing the runners down to protect your rugs. I usually kick off shoes at front door and place in big shoe basket.

  4. The fresh flowers you had delivered are just beautiful! I don't blame you for putting something down to protect your floors. Great idea.

  5. I LOVE fresh flowers, too, Ron. Absolutely would LOVE to have them ALL the time in my house, too. Your arrangements are just gorgeous! xo Diana

  6. Love the pretty flowers. I'm enjoying a bouquet right now too. With our snow and the need to use salt we have a constant problem with stuff coming in on our floors. We started removing our shoes many years ago and it sure saved on cleanup, but in your case it's so brief I don't blame you for putting out the runner. Have a great weekend!

  7. Those arrangements are absolutely gorgeous! They so add the finishing Mardi Gras touch to your already beautifully decorated home. Putting down those plastic runners was very smart of you. I like Coastal Cottage Dreams idea about having a big shoe basket at the front door. Have a great day! xoxo

  8. Love fresh flowers, nothing shows that you take extra care with every detail. Especially the smart rug protectors! Just be carefull not to let the prickly points onto any soft wood spots.

  9. Great flowers, Ron. Fresh and beautiful.

  10. Beautiful fresh flowers and plastic runners... a new decorating trend? Looks like y'all had fun in spite of the weather, and thank goodness you removed that saucer from the floral arrangement in the den. :) You know I'm just kidding.

  11. Ron- your flowers are gorgeous! I love fresh flowers too.
    The plastic runners just gave me a flashback to my childhood. I had a neighbor, Mrs. Violet, who was the oldest, scariest woman ever. My mother volunteered my cleaning services to her one summer. Mrs. Violet's house had those runners everywhere! She also had plastic slipcovers, if you can believe it. I remember being very uncomfortable, scared I would break something and had a hard time trying to figure out how to clean around all the plastic. Thankfully the next summer I had a babysitting time to clean Mrs. Violet's house!!

  12. The flowers are stunning! I love the crowns too. I agree...I'd love to have fresh flowers each week. To me, the flowers, candles and great music are "home". I wish I had some of those runners....great idea!



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