Monday, February 3, 2014

Splenda {Oui/Non}


I came across this on facebook yesterday, and it sort of confirmed my feeling of one of the artificial sweeteners on the market, Splenda. Read this:


How do you feel about the artificial sweeteners ?

I use Splenda in my coffee on a daily basis. I really have not lost any lbs. doing so. My mom has been a advocate of the “pink” and the “blue” for a while too.


Then a reader of my blog sent me this from click HERE.

Confused? Yes, I am.

I do not get very controversial on my blog, but share your thoughts in my comment section below.

I am beginning to think pure cane sugar is the way to go. After all, one packet a day isn’t going to be a big deal.

Splenda, y’all?


  1. Pure chemicals. My docs prefer either a small amount of raw real sugar, stevia or even coconut sugar.

  2. I have never been a splenda user but I think the real thing is always better in moderation. Lately I feel like anything we eat is bad for us....kinda tired of it all. *sigh*
    Have a great week!

  3. Ron, I don't trust any artificial sweeteners. I get headaches from NutraSweet and don't use any of the others. I just stick to regular sugar but try not to overdo it!

  4. hello Ron,
    I have never been a user of the coloured packets :/ I knew too many people who used them and were still battling the weight . At 16 calories a teaspoon , some say 13, how harmful is the real deal? Then, there are those who argue the good and bad of that as well. I use raw sugar whenever possible.
    Here's to a fantastic Monday!

  5. Ron, I think your gut instinct is right...pure sugar is not as bad as this stuff. I also just discovered honey pearls at a work conference & they have changed my life! Pure, 100% dehydrated honey. Only 12 calories in a teaspoon!

  6. I must agree natural is better. Who really know what all the chemicals are doing to our bodies. As a science teacher you know all about chemicals and nature.

    For years I only used margarine, cuz butter was "bad for you". But, now I use only butter because it made of natural ingredients. Margarine is chemicals. Plus, butter tastes so much better.

    As "they" always say, "everything in moderation". At 16 calories a teaspoon, the favor is probably better (I'm a black coffee gal). Just park at the back of the parking lot at school each AM and walk off that 16 calories.

  7. Switch to Stevia, Ron. It has no side effects. Use the Truvia as it is the best of them all- I know-trust me. You will never look back as it does not leave an aftertaste like most of them do and it is a natural product. xo Diana

  8. I use splenda, only in my coffee. I started using it years ago, thinking it was made from sugar not artificial. But, I have started getting dizzy quiet a bit, and head aches. Thanks for this post. I think I'm kicking the splenda habit.

  9. I've always believed that all artificial sweeteners are from Satan. JMHO…..
    Plus, aspartame is a very common allergy. If I ingest it, I break out in hives!

  10. For me, I prefer the real thing. I don't use artificial sweeteners or drink diet drinks. I prefer the taste of the real thing and have heard that the artificial stuff may actually not be very good for you. Of course, sugar isn't good for you either, but I still choose that if I'm going to eat or drink something sweet.

  11. My motto is I was born to be a French-girl, so I believe in using the real things in life - sugar, cream, butter, olive oil, etc. That being said, I think you can use truvia which is from the stevia plant and xylitol, which comes from birch trees. Another alternative is organic agave syrup and I have also used pure maple syrup - not in my kawfee of course, because I drink it black, but in my Irish breakfast tea. Being a science teacher maybe this is a question to bring to class one day for an artificial v. natural sweeteners/food science activity? I am sure the kids would get a kick out of it.

  12. HI RON & JAY,



  13. IMHO, all of the artificial sweeteners are poison! Aspartame triggers migraines for me. I don't use anything but cream in my coffee and unsweetened tea. You can try Truvia or Agave Nectar or just use real is better. Small amounts are not going to hurt.

    Take care!

  14. I don't use anything but evaporated skim milk in my coffee. Occasionally, I will have ice tea with my meal, if I order that when I eat out and use 1/2 pack of Sweet and Low, but that is rarity rather than the norm. I do, though, agree with the other comments--natural is always a better option when used in moderation. Have a great day! xoxo

  15. Please don't use any of the artificial sweeteners!! My sister is a nurse as are many of my cousins, and they all have done quite a bit of research on these artificial sweeteners. NONE of the research has been good - in fact, quite the opposite. So much better to use the real thing - raw sugar or stevia. My sister has MS and all of her doctors (specialists in the MS field) empathically say no artificial sweeteners. The real thing only - just moderation like everything else.

  16. the real thing - it's natural - not like you are putting a whole cup of it in your coffee. Moderation is key, right!!?

  17. I've always had a gear of the artificial sweeteners. I've heard of neurological disorders cropping up and that they can increase your desire for sweets.

  18. I think we really don't know what artificial and processed foods and additives are doing to our bodies. It's amazing how much artificial sweetener is in foods and you wouldn't know unless you read the label. I'd say, if you don't have to use artificial sweeteners, don't.


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