Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Better Floor Lamp


Timing is great! You’ll see.

Months ago, a blogger friend Kelly of The Essence of Home did a post on her newest floor lamp. I was intrigued as I’ve been in the market for a floor lamp for my den to sit next to an occasional chair.

Every one I found that I liked was way too expensive. So, I inquired with Kelly, and her lamp was purchased from Walmart. Yes! You heard that right. I am certainly not a “snob” when it comes to shopping deals, but I rarely find anything to decorate my home at Walmart. The floor lamp in a distressed wood finish is by Better Homes & Gardens.


I quickly trekked it to Walmart and purchased the one that was on the shelf. Let me share a secret with you. I was really impressed with the quality of all the Better Homes & Gardens merchandise. Good for Walmart! The floor lamp looks much more expensive than the $75.00 it cost.

After I got it home and opened the box, all I had to do was screw the parts and put the shade atop. I love it!

I placed it next to the cane accent chair in the den.




I loved it so much that I ordered a second one for next to J’s leather recliner.



The first one even came with a one-year subscription to Better Homes & Garden magazine. I filled out the enclosed card, mailed it, and forgot about the subscription.

Low and behold, look what was in my mail today.


Timing is spot on because the first issue that I received features my BFF Amanda’s of Dixie Delights back porch. I am so proud that her decorating skills are finally recognized by all who read BH&G. I know the girl can design and decorate, so it is so nice to see her work being appreciated. I cannot wait to sip a julep or three on that porch. You really need to pick up an April issue of BH&G.



Thumbs up to BH&G.

I am so happy to be featured over at A Stroll through Life for the Pulling it all Together series today. Thanks, Marty. Check it out and comment!

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Better Homes & Gardens, y’all!


  1. Wow, I love that lamp! I, too, have been impressed with BH&G's products at Walmart. I bought a couple of towels a while back, and they are so plush, soft, and absorbent. They really look much more expensive than what I paid for them. I rarely shop there, but you can find some quality merchandise there. I just wish the service at our Walmart were better--that store surely lacks in that department! With that said, the lamps look great in your den. I'm glad you found them. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your Walmart find! I have been looking for a a new floor lamp for our living room and this one looks perfect! I have been a reader of Amanda's blog for several years, her home is one of my favorites! I adore her style and was so excited to see her fabulous feature and beautiful porch in BHG.

  3. Hi Ron! What a lovely lamp and now you know we're all going to pop over to Walmart for that lovely lamp. I have a place for one too! Yours looks so nice in that spot. Now I've just popped over from Marty's and saw the feature she has of your parlors! Oh, it's just wonderful and how lovely your home is. I drool each time I see your fireplace and that mantel! You've got the touch most blue eyed one! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Hi Ron, found you over at Marty's and am stopping by to say hello. Your home has so many beautiful decorating ideas, I've got to become a new follower! I knew that for sure when I stopped by only to see your post on the Wal-Mart lamp. I bought mine about two months ago and have not been disappointed! Looking forward to getting to know you:) xoKathleen

  5. I'm so glad that you were able to find those lamps and that you liked them in person. I know I love mine. They look wonderful in your room! I shop at Walmart for my groceries so I'm there usually twice a week or more. I also find that Better Homes & Gardens magazine does a good job advertising their newest products so if I see something I like, I know where to find it! That's how I learned about that lamp. Thanks for the shout-out!

  6. I was just looking at that same lamp the other day! Yours look great in your room. And how awesome is that about Amanda! I am so excited for her!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  7. That's actually a good looking lamp! I trust the Better Homes and Gardens brand more than Wal-Mart, but you found one of their gems. Maybe their association with Better Homes and Gardens will up their image.

  8. Ron, love the lamp! It looks great in your home. I have been pleasantly surprised by the BH&G brand at WalMart! Great style for a reasonable price. I'm in the market for some new lamps and had not thought to check out Walmart but I will now!
    hugs, Linda

  9. LOVE your new lamps!!! I would never have guessed they are from Walmart....they look great!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  10. Hi Ron, I have to say that is one great floor lamp, and what a score the price was just right...
    It looks beautiful in your beautiful home ;-)


  11. i love those lamps ron! and getting a free subscription is a great deal....i'm going to pick up a copy of the magazine today. walmart has really stepped up their game with some of their products...i bought some beautiful reversible outdoor cushions a couple of weeks ago for $13.50 each! look just like some i've seen in the ballards catalog for a lot more.

    i'm so ready for spring...i think everyone is tired of old man winter.

  12. I'm the furthest thing from a snob that you'll meet and yet I'd never even think of Walmart when decorating - but wow I love that lamp ! What a great deal !

  13. Those lamps really do look really great! I wouldn't have shopped at Walmart for home deco either! Well you just never know do you!

  14. Love the lamp. They really add a punch to your room.. Better Homes and Gardens never fails to make quality.

  15. Love your new lamp. I would never thought of Walmart! I too love a good deal and will go checkout what they offer.

  16. Loved the tour of your beautiful home on Marty's blog. I'm stealing the idea of turtle shells in an apothecary jar. I'm also going to check out Walmart.


  17. I think a trip to Wal-mart may be in order. I have been looking for a floor too. But jeez, why are they so dang expensive??? The lamp is perfection. Was thrilled to see Amanda's feature in BH&G!! Heading over to Marty's for the tour. Happy Weekend!

  18. Great lamp, Ron! I love the finish on it. Amanda's home is really beautiful and I was excited to see her feature at BHG.

  19. Great looking lamp! I'll pick up an issue of BHG. I like Amanda's style. '-)

  20. I've been impressed with many of the BH&G items at Walmart. Hey, I'm no snob! :) The lamps look lovely and the shades are so nice too. Good for you!

    I received my copy of BH&G about the time Amanda shared on her blog. I think it's outstanding that she was featured! That porch is divine and she is very talented and creative.


  21. Honey, you have such a sweet site here. Please consider taking a photography class and stop using flash in your photos. Your ideas and decor deserve so much better! Please delete this comment, and please - PLEASE consider not using flash in all (or almost all) of your photography. Your site deserves so much better!


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