Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shopping Metairie {Abode}


Yes! I do leave Uptown, y’all.

You are in for a treat today. Occasionally, I make my way down the busy, congested Veterans Boulevard for stops at Monogram Express, Gordon’s, Martin’s Wine Cellar, Safari Car Wash, and one of my fave places for gift shopping, Abode.

Just look at the welcoming entrance--- great planters!

photo 1 (44)

photo 2 (42)

Come on in…

photo 3 (33)


J & I discovered Abode years ago after moving back to NOLA in its Covington location. To my surprise, a few years ago while sitting to get my car washed, I spotted Abode next door in an unassuming strip “mall” of businesses with Subway and the Black & Gold Store {all things Saints}. I have been a huge fan ever since then.

photo 2 (29)


Abode is a home interiors and accessories mecca. Design services are also offered by their team of skilled designers. Such vendors as Dash and Albert (the best indoor/outdoor rugs); Miles Talbot (custom upholstery line: machine washable slipcovers, designer sunbrella fabrics and life time warranty on frames and totally customizable); Worlds Away (sleek transitional to modern furniture); Karis Cates (art); Moss Studio (upholstery with machine washable Belgian linen); Sara Ott  (jewelry); Seda France (candles); Capri Blue (candles); Regina Andrew (lighting and furniture) make this shoppe the great go-to for all design and accessory needs.


The store aids with in-store and outside design services. Abode can help you from the blue print stage to placing the very last home accessory. Abode provides free design services, and if you cannot find exactly what you had in mind on the showroom floor, they can special order it. Many of the shop’s furniture selections can be custom-ordered in the fabric and finish of your choice. Abode designers also help with staging homes for the ever popular film industry here in NOLA and for selling homes. The shop is owned by Erin Jacobs (pictured below) and her husband Mark. Yes! Mark Jacobs but with a “K”. LOL! Erin and her team of Janique and Jackie ensure to make the design process a smooth one or your shopping experience a fulfilling one. I for one have always been impressed with the customer service I have received over the past few years.


Check out Erin’s philosophy {4 elements} at Abode: click HERE.

I was really lucky to be given the chance to photograph my favorite things at Abode.

My very favorite things are two original oyster shell oils. I love the vintage look of these. Anyone listening? What a great gift they would make! I want these! I gotta have these! These would look spectacular in my parlor.

photo 3 (24)


{Abode carries my favorite scents in the Seda France line---Japanese Quince, French Tulip, Sel de Mer--- at great prices.}

seda france2

photo 4 (28)

Nautical pillows.

photo 1 (37)

photo 3 (29)

coral pillow

photo 1 (34)

Classic/Modern lighting.

photo 5 (20)

photo 4 (22)

photo 3 (28)


Cocktail tables.

marble table

photo 4 (24)



photo 1 (31)

photo 2 (31)

photo 2 (35)


Garden planters and preserved boxwood orbs.

photo 4 (26)

photo 5 (26)


photo 5 (22)


{I love this classic mirror with attached sconces.}

photo 5 (25)

photo 5 (21)

Sealife ceramics.

photo 1 (32)

Original artwork.

photo 1 (33)

photo 2 (32)

photo 3 (27)


photo 5 (23)



photo 4 (25)


photo 1 (35)


metairie road


photo 4 (23)

Other accessories.

tray blue

tray green

photo 4 (27)




oyster shell

Aren’t you impressed? If you cannot find something at Abode, you just are not looking hard enough.

Abode is located at 2114 Veterans Blvd in Metairie, LA.

To view Abode’s website, check HERE.

business card

Put Abode on your list when you travel to NOLA.

Check out the blog tomorrow for my next give away compliments of the friendly folks at Abode.

Abode, y’all!


  1. What a lovely shopping destination! Thanks for sharing, Ron. Hugs, Melba

  2. From the amount of pictures you have in this blog, I think you love everything in the shop! ;) I'm so excited about another giveaway! Will definitely put Abode on my list of shops in Metairie. Have a great day! xoxo

  3. What a fabulous shop! I see several things I "need" LOL

  4. Ron! These photos of Abode are absolutely stunning. Eye candy for sure, my friend. I too love Seda France candles. My favorite scent is Elegant Gardenia.

  5. How fun to be able to browse your favorite shop and take pictures for future inspiration. It's one of my favorite pastimes too. Love to stroll through some fabulous shops to get ideas and buy a few things now and then. Happy Tuesday Ron. xo

  6. Ooh my kind of store! I like these new types of chandeliers but I have no place for one. The pottery with the boxwood orbs reminds me of my new pottery I got for the deck! Those glass obelisks styled pieces are cool and I like that mirror with the sconces!

  7. But Ron dahling, you didn't tell us the artist of the two original oyster shell oils, or the price. How is one to gift them to you?

  8. What a fabulous store! I would love to shop there. I saw many things that would come on home with me!

  9. Looks like a pretty store to shop in. I beleive they have the same crown that I have. It was kind of hard to tell though. It was propped inside an urn.

  10. WOW!!! That is some store, Ron. Those oyster painting you GOTTA have are wonderful. You better print those out and stick them to J's forehead so he will see them when he looks in the mirror. They would be perfect in your home. Thanks for the tour! xo Diana

  11. That would be a dangerous store for me. Love the little end table and lighting. Fun post. Take us to wash your car anytime!

  12. Stopping in for a chance to win the give away. I love those oyster paintings and the serve ware. The accent pillows are fun, too! I really need to get there soon! Have a great day! xoxo

  13. How to choose one thing to purchase ,everything in the pictures is wonderful and if necessary I could redo the house around any item. Thank `s for a lovely post.

  14. I too love this shop - and Erin is just too sweet! I love the mirror with the scones.

  15. Can I just have everything?? Its all gorgeous!

  16. Can I just have everything?? Its all gorgeous!!

  17. Love this giveaway! I am swooning over those cocktail tables! May be heading there Saturday for the boxwood orbs!

  18. ivyplace@charter.netMay 2, 2014 at 9:07 AM

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. Love, love your blog & the giveaway made me finally stop & formally follow your blog (even though it's on my computer under Favorites). Abode looks fabulous -- only wish I could visit in person. Hard to pick just one fav, but the square terra cotta planters w/garland medallions are so elegant. Good luck with your giveaway.

  19. So glad you shared Abode w/us. Hard to pick a fav but I do love the square terra cotta planters with the garland medallions. Great store, just wish I could visit in person.

  20. Thanks for sharing! I need to go shopping now!

  21. Wow! They have some great things. I love the selection of fabrics. I think I'd have to splurge on some throw pillows in coral, hot pink and turquoise with whit. That would be a refreshing summer decor update for my living room. Thanks for the great post. I'm going to "drag" my BFF there so we can shop. hahahhaaa I don't need to drag her ANYWHERE shopping is involved. P.S. I love those ceramic crabs.

  22. Will you let me know if my first comment posted? mindcaviar at yahoo dot com Thanks! :)

  23. I will try this again-- IS THIS THING ON? lol lol I love the fabric selection-- would love some throw pillows in coral, hot pink, turquoise and white. Also LOVE the little ceramic crabs. (Sorry if I spammed you, hun. On this end doesn't look like my posts are going thru at all.)


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