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Shopping Magazine Street…{NOLA Couture}


I have been a huge fan of NOLA Couture for a while now. I would describe this delightful Magazine shop in three words- classic, preppy, Southern.

Take a look at the coastal-looking facade of this Magazine Street destination.


NOLA Couture is a New Orleans-based company which creates ties and other accessories with New Orleans and Southern-inspired designs.

employee shot

skirt tie display

NOLA Couture was established in August of 2006 here in New Orleans, Louisiana. NOLA Couture designs and produces men’s and women’s clothing and accessories inspired by New Orleans and the Gulf Coast culture. Tied to their local roots, NOLA Couture cares deeply about the community and donate a portion of all sales to a variety of charities and non-profit foundations. I love when companies especially local, care enough to give back to their communities.You can’t beat that “give back” spirit. It definitely makes me want to spend my $$$ there.

entry table


Located at 2928 Magazine Street, NOLA Couture pieces will certainly stylize your existing wardrobe. There is also another store at 542 S. Peter Street in the historic French Quarter. I just love the vast selection of merchandise offered by the NOLA Couture brand. The business started primarily with ties in mind but expanded quickly to a number of classic accessories. I have always embraced the preppy, Southern lifestyle, so NOLA Couture just completes that look. The New Orleans-inspired preppy accessories are fun and vibrantly colored. Think Palm Beach but for NOLA.


The NOLA Couture logo is dubbed “Finn the Kingfish” and is a spunky kingfish topped with a regal crown. I am told that the symbol was chosen when the owner’s nephew was born. His name is Finn, and the symbol was adored. I think it is perfect! Finn is used on polos, dress shirts, tees, and hats and visors.


Check out everything that NOLA Couture has to offer.


tie wall

tie wall 2

Bow ties/pocket squares.

bow ties

bowtie snoball



navy tees



Check out the array of ribbon styles used in the custom belts.

ribbon choices

ribbons 2 

Dog collars/Leashes.

dog collars 2

dog collars

dog leashes

Glassware (wine/double old fashioned).


glass DOF

glassware DOF

glassware wine

Beach spikes in an array of Southern-inspired designs. I adore the streetcar.

beach spikes 2

beach spikes


insulated cups

Ice buckets/wine coolers in acrylic.

ice bucket

Candles in Southern scents.


Ladies tanks. I love the pocket!

ladies tank 2

ladies tank pocket

ladies tank

Hermes-inspired twillies.

Hermes ribbons

Clutches with wristlet.

clutch purse


floppy hats

Dress shirts/polos.

men's shirt (2)









King fish cap

nOLA visor



Coffee mugs.

coffee mugs

Doesn’t that look like a fun and colorful shop? It certainly is. Think of the fun it would be to visit such a preppy, classic shop on Magazine.

From the beginning, my favorite things have been the New Orleans and Southern-inspired ties and bowties. I am hooked to their bowtie collections these days. My friends there even tie them for me. Service with a smile!

ron tie

ron bowtie

I also own several ribbon belts and pocket squares in the Southern-inspired motifs.

ron belts

ron pocket square

Check out the website: NOLA Couture

If you need to pick up a gift in a hurry, NOLA Couture is the place to visit.

Check back tomorrow for an awesome give away from NOLA Couture. I know you will LOVE it as much as I do.

THREE to geaux!


NOLA Couture, y’all!


  1. What a fun looking shop! Just added it to my list of shops on Magazine. I don't know how we missed it the last two times we shopped Magazine. Can't wait to see what the giveaway will be tomorrow! I love your giveaways. Be careful on the roads today--looks like we are in for a nasty one. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. OMYGOODNESS....what a colorful and fun shop. If I'm ever in your neighborhood, you can bet I'll shop there. Those bowties are the cutest things......

  3. It's such a fun shop, I can see why you love it so much :o)
    Happy Wednesday!!!

  4. What a colorful and fun store they've created! I've never seen ties displayed with such organization! That's so cute too that they have coffee mugs and dog collars made up with the same designs. I like the drinkware too- I don't think I could leave there empty handed!

  5. What a cute & adorable shop! They had me with the turquoise awning!

  6. That shop has your name all over it! I really like it. It looks very classy and clean. I'm sure they know you personally whenever you walk in! Love the invention of those beach spike cups. I've never seen those before.

  7. What a great shop, thanks so much for the tour! Hope you are having a great week...

  8. OMG, Ron, Hubby and I were just on their website a couple of days ago! Father's Day is coming up and I've got all sorts of! He was just in NOLA a few weeks ago; but, didn't know about the store. It is now on his "must visit" radar for when he goes back. Have you tried any of the candles? If so, any suggestions?

  9. Another beautiful shop, Ron. 3 more days………….yea!

  10. Fun place to shop and Southern scented candles, too. :)

  11. I could spend all day in there. You always find the best places! I just wanted you to know that I recently started following your blog and I would love if you would follow mine. I am @ I would love to see you there!

  12. Okay, seriously going on my MUST go to list for our trip!!! My sweet little "princess", Cairn, would not be happy if GiGi did not come home with a wonderful coastal collar!!!

  13. Oh, my! What an amazing shop! You've some excellent shopping opportunities where you are! And the countdown continues!

  14. Holy Cow- What an amazing selection there, Ron. MyHero would head for those hats straightway. He is a hat man...and a whole lotta other things that I won't mention this morning since he forgot to take out the garbage AGAIN! Anyway....I love the bright, preppy feel to the place. The story behind Finn is really a cute one. Have a great day- xo Diana

  15. Hi! I'm visiting from Liz's "Infuse With Liz" blog. She wasn't kidding...this store looks like an absolute treasure!!! I haven't been to N'Orleans (as I've been told it is properly pronounced!) in nearly 20 years when we honeymooned there, and I'm itching to get back. I have visited many times in the past, and it was always such a great time. I'd especially love to go spend some money there to help boost the economy! Oh, heck...I wanna do that EVERYWHERE! :-) But I'd really like to be able to visit again and get my beignet, hurricane and gumbo fix!!!

    Great post with really good photos! Have a great weekend!

  16. Wow, one stop shopping here! What an incredible array of treasures...I can certainly see why you like this shop. I would go crazy with the tees, glassware, dog items, well you name it! :)


  17. Love the tees and totes. Love the GIVEAWAY, too!!!


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