Friday, June 20, 2014

Collecting Shells


Decorative clam shells that is!

Wisteria decorative oyster bowl

There is no secret that I love shells. You’ve seen my lust of clam shells before {click HERE & HERE}, haven’t you? Well, I have a doozie of one to share with you today.

clam shell


Weeks ago, I spotted the Wisteria clam shell {click HERE} on sale for 25% off (under $100.00). I scooped it up as it is regularly priced at $139.00, a bit steep. Similar real shells are in excess of $700.00, and I’ve seen numerous ones at antique shops. It is also such a generous size which I appreciate most. I initially envisioned to use it under the den coffee table but placed it at the base of the parlor fireplace and loved it. Love it!




Wisteria describes the shell as:

  • Made of lightweight resin
  • Handpainted finish
  • A fun way to display decorative accessories

How far can you go to create a look? The possibilities are endless! For a coastal-themed room, why fill a regular bowl with decorative accessories when you could use a giant clam shell? You don't even have to limit this one to a coastal room either; put it in the bathroom to hold towels or add texture and drama in any dining room. The inside is shiny and pearly, just like the real thing! This fun bowl is great to make a big impact in your space. We used resin to cast it, so it isn't so heavy.

I added my collection of bleached spiny starfish to the clam shell, and it fit the look perfectly. I adore the coastal look of the ample shell. Like my dough bowl {click HERE}, it will be useful for many, many years to come.



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ron feet

Clam shell, y’all!


  1. Love, love and LOVE that shell with the starfish.

  2. Love it! I looks like a good size too!

  3. Ron, that is one big shell! It looks wonderful on your fireplace. I was thrift shopping the other day and found a really cool oyster shell and I thought of you so of course I had to get it!
    hugs, Linda

  4. Good morning, Ron! Wow, that is one huge clam shell, and it looks right at home in front of the fireplace in the parlor. I'm glad you didn't put it under the coffee table in the den--the shell needs to be showcased! Have a great day! xoxo

  5. I have never seen a shell that large! You have the right place for all your special decorating!

  6. It's perfect there Ron and I can say it is a steal, considering it's from Wisteria! I collect Sand instead of shells and have still find a way of displaying them :-)

  7. Ron, I love how you incorporate the claim shells into your decorating. The shells are a favorite of mine as well. You have a wonderful gift for decorating and I love your style, especially the coastal elements!

  8. I love how you have used your clam she'll! Never would've thought to use it at the base of a fireplace ! Awesome idea! You have such great ideas and great taste! Blessings!

  9. Love your clam shell. I have one that is heavy, made of cement. I think it's suppose to be used outside. I have mine on a short bookcase with sugar starfish and blue glass balls. I think if I were to put mine in front of my fireplace my little one would need stitches!!

  10. I love it....the size is wonderful and it looks great on your fireplace hearth. Have a great weekend!!!

  11. I want them all!!! If they happen to go missing when we visit...I see nothing!!! LOL

  12. Beautiful, Ron, and how great to snag it on sale?!?!?

  13. What a deal and it looks so cool. Enjoy your week-end. xo

  14. That is a great looking clam shell! It goes perfect in your home. I like the little starfish you added to it too.

  15. What a great find Ron! I love the size of it, love love love! You are right, it will be used for many years to come, and is a great investment. Hope you're enjoying your weekend at the beach!

  16. Ron, what is the story on the ceramic egrets? I LOVE them. SOOO perfect for a southern house. If you ever see them as blue herons instead, let me know.


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