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Uptown Acorn {A History}


A number of followers always inquire as to what does the name Uptown Acorn mean or where did it originate. Today, I hope to explain it to you.

Uptown Acorn jpeg logo

I have always loved creating arrangements and wreaths. I have decorated doors and mantles seasonally of numerous families through the years. In 2007, I set out on my own with a part-time business, The Acorn at Wisteria Hill. The acorn is the French symbol for prosperity. I have always loved the symbol. From such a small acorn grows a lovely, majestic oak. Wisteria Hill was named for the hill of wisteria that grew in the yard of our Atlanta home.

The two names were placed together for The Acorn at Wisteria Hill. You can see some of my works HERE.

logo The Acorn at Wisteria Hill

Acorn Fall

botanical 2


cast iron 2

My logo was designed by New Orleans own Alexa Pulitzer. After a number of designs, I finally settled on the antlers surrounding an acorn. I love it.

Check out Alexa Pulitzer HERE.


Alexa Pulitzer wreathe logo




I sold arrangements at Hill Street Warehouse, a great design shop in Atlanta’s trendy Westside {directions}. I favor dried botanicals and fruit. I also had numerous clients who kept me busy.

Upon my move to NOLA in 2008, I rented a space at Le Boulevard Marketplace in Metairie where I sold my botanicals. When I started teaching again, it just became too much to maintain, and I ceased the booth rental.

le boulevard 2

Fast forward to 2012 when at the suggestion of BFF Amanda of Dixie Delights, I made my foray into the world of blogging. Many names were discussed with many folks. The one that stuck was Uptown Acorn. Uptown is the area of the city that I reside, and you already know the significance of the acorn symbol. I like the ring of the name, and I love that I can use my Alexa Pulitzer designed logo once again.

logo uptown acorn

Now you know how the Uptown Acorn came to fruition. Thanks for reading and thanks for following. I love to hear from you daily. Thanks too to my blog designer Linda of Life and Linda.

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Uptown Acorn, y’all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! Great blog today--I'm sure all of your readers will be a little more educated today! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing how you came to name your blog. I feel like I know you a little bit better!

  3. This is an awesome do come up with things that we are all wondering about. So many blogs out there that makes me wonder what's behind the name. Thanks for cluing us in as to YOUR blog title.
    One that delights me so much and makes me laugh out loud.."I Carried A Watermelon"...if you've seen the classic movie, Dirty Dancing, you will understand how she chose the name of HER blog. I just wish I'd beat her to it...... LOL.....ain't life grand !

  4. It was so much fun to hear the history behind the name!!
    Your work is really beautiful......

  5. Just checked out Alexa's site and she indeed has a beautiful, classic style. I think designing logos is a fun process, and so many people goof it up with too much "fluff." Your logo is perfect!

  6. What a great story! I never knew all of that. I love your logo and your floral creations! You are so talented.

  7. Thanks for sharing Ron! I had kinda pieced it all together, but love hearing how it all came about! Wish you still lived here...I would be in heaven working on an arrangement with you. I used to make them myself all the time, but got out of the habit of having them in our home due to my dust allergies. I do miss them however. I can keep the yard green, but houseplants, not so much!

  8. Love this history lesson and so happy that my other favorite blogger, your BUT Amanda, talked you into blogging and "introduced" us. Y'all are my two favorite bloggers!

  9. I knew some of this (that you lived in Atlanta and Uptown in NOLA is where you live now)but the logo design is wonderful and all you!

  10. Good to hear the history, Ron. It's neat to have a meaning to the name you chose.

  11. I loved learning the history behind the name Ron!! The floral arrangements you made are gorgeous!!

  12. Ah ha! Now I know the rest of the story! Love it!

  13. That is an interesting story, Ron. I never knew that about the symbolism of the acorn. Your arrangements are just gorgeous.

  14. Great story. I was often wondering how you came up with your name. I would have to check but I think I used Alexa Pulitzer thank you notes for my son's baby gifts. It was a blue anchor similar to the one in your pictures.

    I love the name Uptown Acorn!


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