Saturday, February 28, 2015

Colors Heard Round the World


Well? How much time did you waste yesterday deciding if that dress was white & gold or black & blue?

The dress was topic of discussion around our school yesterday, and I see by the news reports many others spent way too much time being quite unproductive yesterday.

I only saw white & gold. You?

In these three pics, I see white & gold in the first two and blue & black in the third.

all three

I thought these two memes were quite funny.




White & Gold, y’all!


  1. LOL- Yes it was white and gold. It was the lighting that made it a different color. LOVE the Clinton "quote" xo Diana

  2. Good morning, Ron! Just seeing this post, and I had to chuckle over this! I saw the middle one first--periwinkle and gold and then white and gold. I never saw blue and black! Love the Clinton "quote," too! Have a great day! xoxo P.S. it's our birthday month! <3

  3. I saw both colors different times. In your post I see the first 2 as white & gold and the last one black & blue. Isn't it crazy how much attention this dress has gotten? And how serious people get over it. My daughter and her friends went crazy...there were so many texts, tweets and tension!

  4. Too funny! I initially saw Blue and Black; but, when my daughter sent it to me it was White and Gold. Who knew a dress could create so much chaos?

  5. White and Gold. I don't see black and blue at all, in any picture!


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