Thursday, April 2, 2015

Post-Its, y’all {April Fool’s}


My classroom was “POST-ITed” yesterday. My 8th graders got me good!



No surface was left alone.

Of course, I loved it as it was all in good fun. Memories last a lifetime. You know they will always think back to “remember when we did that in Mr. Carrier’s classroom?”.

white board

bulletin board


lab table

post it




Did you receive or fall for any pranks yesterday?

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Post-Its, y’all!


  1. Oh my heavens. How fun!!! Love this. The only prank I fell for was an article stating that Yuengling is finally coming to Indiana. Not true :( (Currently watching the legislators trying to clean up this mess they have created here. Definitely not fun.)

  2. Good morning, Ron! Wow, that's whole lot of Post It notes--what an awesome prank! I was wondering what all that was on your profile picture. Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Oh Ron how fun!!!! This just shows how much you touch these kids lives and how much they love you. Ok I think the company that makes post it's need to send your classroom a great gift for using so many of their products. I think you need to send this post to the Post It company. I think it would be a hoot for their facebook or blog page. Too cute.

  4. That is the greatest prank ever and I love even more, because April Fool's day is my birthday. Your students did a great job. I would love to have seen the look on your face....LOL xo

  5. Ron, this is hilarious. My daughter used to teach 8th grade English, and I don't think her students ever came up with something this brilliant. Great kids. I bet you had fun taking them all down. ;)

  6. Holy moly! That's too funny! They must have organized this and it surely took a while to do! You must have been blown away! :-)

  7. This is great! Fun and harmless! Ya gotta love it!

  8. Priceless! I remember tee peeing my 7th grade teachers rooms.

  9. Your kids love you Ron and I can tell that you are a wonderful teacher. Yes, I did get kinda fooled. The little boy (10 yrs) that I pick up from school was full of tricks. First there was a BIG cockroach on the table, but I knew it was a fake, but acted scared and he had a fake dodo that he also put on the table by his homework. He had purchased a box full of tricks - he was having such a great time.
    Have a Happy Easter.

  10. Hysterical! You only take that kind of time with people who are special. Know you're a great teacher!!!

  11. Ha! You're a good sport and you've got students that love you as a teacher. Not just any teacher would get the Post-It notes treatment. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!

  12. Great prank! My son, who is in college, had a summer job at a market last summer. When he came out his car had been post ited by a couple friends. He drove home that way. (obviously uncovered the windows!). There were so many post its it was almost creepy!!! LOL Your students must really like you! They wouldn't have done it if they didn't!

  13. OMG! How funny! Well that means they really like you or they wouldn't have gone to all that trouble. i bet you had fun removing all of that huh???

  14. THAT was hysterical, Ron. Love it when the kids do stuff like this...unless it involves tying my underwear into knots! lol


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