Friday, June 5, 2015

Good Morning, Perdido Key!

Yes! I am back in one of my "happy" places once again, Perdido Key. 

Waking up to this....

and this....

makes for one happy Parain!

What does your view look like from your bedroom? Here's mine!

I cannot get enough of my sweet nephew and this darling pelican swim suit.

Happy coffee tawk!

Perdido Key, y'all!


  1. Great views, but that nephew beats them all! Have Fun!!

  2. Good times! And such a cutie pie nephew!!

  3. Your view is much better than mine, that is all I will say ;-) Your nephew is so precious. And yes, adorable swim trunks.

  4. Oh Ron enjoy. I do not know what is better the view you have or that sweet Nephew. How cute is he. Love his little swim trunks. Adorable.

  5. You lucky DAWG! Love your view and your cute nephew. I think you ought to get matching swim suits! xo Diana

  6. Good morning, Ron! Your view is definitely much better than mine! And John David is absolutely adorable in his pelican swim trunks! Enjoy you time at the beach! xoxo


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