Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bloomin' Hydrangeas

You know that springtime is here when the hydrangeas are in bloom.

The hydrangeas in the front garden are really popping. Every year I want to amend the soil to make them blue, but I always forget or get too lazy to do so. I really need to do so this year. Does anyone know the best time to amend the soil? What is the best substance to use? This science teacher wants to know. I guess I could google it, but I am exhausted. Summer is near......

I do enjoy the mophead version of hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas, y'all!


  1. I just read to use coffee grounds. I am obsessed with them and will definitely try this tip. I will let you know how successful it is..LOL

  2. Good evening, Ron! I did the research for you! Amend your soil with Espoma Organic Soil Acidifier. I found this on ;) Your hydrangeas are beautiful! Have a good evening. Cheers! xoxo

  3. OH so beautiful. I wish hydrangeas would grow where I live. I tried and the plant didn't grow well at all. So I will enjoy yours instead.

  4. Your hydrangeas are so large and healthy! I have never tried to amend the soil around mine. That may explain why I'm in for a surprise when they start blooming! I never know what I'm going to get. Ha!

  5. Sprinkle aluminum sulfate (available at garden shops)and water in as soon as the last frost is done. Use pine straw as mulch but the aluminum sulfate will do most of the work making the soil acidic. I wouldn't do it till next year as the new flower color will be "muddy" as it makes the transition. Your pinks are gorgeous! Good luck!

  6. Ours are finally blooming too! Somewhere I read rusty nails do the trick. Strange, I know!!

  7. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Mine are just starting. I have also read that if you put copper pennies all around the hydrangeas it will turn blue. I have never tried it. Just bought the aluminum sulfate and put it around in the Spring.

    Have a great week Ron.



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