Sunday, June 26, 2016

Having Fun in Perdido Key

We're back and having a blast in Perdido Key, Florida. Each year, we travel to Indigo where the family celebrates summer.

Sun, sand, and cocktails. There is nothing better!

There is also no better sound than this.

Perdido Key, y'all !


  1. Good morning, Ron! Glad you are having fun with the family in Perdido Key! I know how much you look forward to that trip every year. Enjoy the rest of your trip! Cheers! xoxo

  2. Now that is a Savage Tan! We enjoy Perdido Key, too (when the weather is cooler!).

  3. Perdido was "our" beach when I was a kid. It warmed my heart to see this in my feed--I have so many great memories there! Have a fabulous rest of your trip!


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