Friday, October 28, 2016

To Each His/Her Own....

I appreciate all of your nice comments of My Soap Box post yesterday. Lauren's post just reminded me why I like blogging so much. It is for the friendships forged around the globe and for journaling my favorite things. Your comments helped me feel much better about my little blog, The Uptown Acorn.

There is no one reason I felt the need to pen and publish the blog post yesterday. I have always considered myself an honest, straightforward kind of guy. I do like to tell it like it is, but I do not care to offend. If a person takes offense to anything I say, I believe that person is truly the one suffering through an issue or two.

There are many things I like: cocktails, long walks on the beach, sweater weather, Reese's peanut butter cups, Ralph Lauren.........

There are many things I do not like: FAKE people, heights, chocolate covered cherries, Restoration Hardware Modern......

This blog is my blog, and it is me sharing my likes and sometimes dislikes with you. 

Again, I am thankful to my readers who encourage me to keep going daily.

Thanks, y'all!


  1. You have been having a moment that all bloggers go through if they stick around long enough. I have been at it for over eight years, and I can totally sympathize with your sentiments. There are so many blogs out there now, that if you decide you don't like one, you can move on to an infinite number of others without being nasty to anyone. Your blog should be about you and whatever you want to share, and if people don't like it, tough Tootsie Rolls! I have stopped reading some of those where the sole purpose of the blog seems to be bragging about what they just bought. We all like to shop, and it is fun to share some of our finds. Our readers often get a kick out of it. However, there are those who seem to take offense for whatever reason, but I have quit worrying about them. I have a great core group of readers, and have met quite a few of them with whom I have become real friends. It is kind of a bitter pill sometimes to realize that everyone is not going to like everything we do and write, but realizing this is like growing pains (as a blogger). Life's just too short to worry about it. I enjoy your blog, and I hope you keep writing it.

  2. Well said Ron. I have always said, if you don't like something (such as a blog/blogger or an idea) then you have a kind, and unfollow.

  3. So I understand the chalk paint thing, but what's there not to love about chocolate covered cherries ;)?But seriously, Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

  4. Good for you! Stay true to yourself and you will be happy. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. I love that you share from the heart whether that is up-beat or sometimes down. That is life and you contribute so much good through your teaching and your blog. I love it all. Life is real and so are you.

  6. Hi Ron...I recently discovered your blog and I love it, in fact you have inspired me to consider jumping into the blogging world myself. I live in Shreveport and love NOLA with all my heart...your posts bring a touch of my favorite place to my inbox, along with inspiration from your lovely home. I just spoke to my son, whose opinion I highly value, about the very issue that you referenced in your "rant". My concern in starting a blog was that I would be doing it from the heart with no pretense about my posts or the technical quality of them, and I could foresee some being critical of this. I am sorry that you had to experience this, but I can only believe these criticisms come from a place of envy and being threatened by the passion and joy you radiate in each of your posts. My son advised me to do it for myself and not what others say or think... I encourage you to do the same. Your blogs remind us of the little things in life that make a house a home, a city a hometown and life a joyful adventure. Thank you for what you do!


    Rita Harris
    Shreveport, LA

  7. Yep- You is the real deal-bro!
    I am like you- honest but not a wave maker. I have my own thoughts and ideas but do not try to impose them on anyone else. Life is just too short!

    I love many of your loves, too-except- cocktails...I have never really found one I like and you can only drink so much Bailey's Irish Creme. lol xo Diana

    1. Ron, you must come up with a Nana Diana cocktail ASAP!!!

  8. Being true to oneself is key to happiness. '-)
    I always enjoy what you share, Ron. Enjoy the weekend!

  9. Ron, I'm a blog fan who rarely comments, but to me the Uptown Acorn shows your authentic sense of personal style, good taste, gracious entertaining, love of family and friends and dedication to your students. What a rich life! I read between the lines of many blogs and some of those folks wouldn't be too fun to hang with--they'd be too concerned about shopping, planking, acquiring, etc. Blogging should be a reflection of one's life, not life's goal! Keep it up!

  10. Hi Ron, I read a number of blogs, but there are only two that I open without fail. You and Preppy Empty Nester present subjects with a sense of heart and a sense of humor. I'm at the age that I don't want to learn how to DIY a plastic apple wreath or see 20 different views of them same tablescape, no matter how well photographed they are. I don't want to make a sign for the kitchen that tells me where to find coffee in my own house or that I should "live love laugh". And chalk paint? No. You make me want to live in a house with two front doors, to visit New Orleans and to get an alligator mouse pad. You show me to have a cocktail on the beach and enjoy life. I take your blog over the other 30 that I follow every. single. day! I want to go shopping with you so that I can learn how find cool stuff that reflects who I am, not buy something because it would photograph well. You just seem fun, happy and content. Bravo!

    PS. My daughter is a middle school science teacher too and I share some of your creative classroom ideas with her!

  11. Good morning, Ron! You know I am your #1 fan of the Uptown Acorn and really miss reading it when you skip a day or two. Don't let those critics of your blog get to you. Like you said--it's your blog, and you can write about and share whatever you want. Don't ever change. Have a great weekend! xoxo P.S. I don't like chocolate covered cherries, either! ;)

  12. The reason people follow you is that you are the "real deal". No pretense, just good classic style...and you are a true gentleman who is true to himself.

  13. This is great Ron. I am so happy you are true to yourself and your blog. Our blogs should reflect who we are and what we are about. Hey my feeling is if you don't like something on the someone's blog move on there is plenty out there for everyone. Love a good chocolate covered cherry too. Yummo!

  14. Thanks for both posts, Ron! I loved what Lauren shared and have been thinking about all of this blogging business. I haven't commented a lot but I do consider you a friend! I love cocktails, NOLA, any seafood and laughter. I dislike chalk paint, ship lap, chocolate covered cherries and those bloggers that are *constantly* showing what they just bought. As a retiree, the budget is small and I'd love seeing someone thrilled with a $25 handbag vs one that costs hundreds or thousands. IF I had money to burn, I still wouldn't spend it like that. Of course, everyone has the option to post whatever they want and I have the choice to read or not.

    Enjoy your weekend and please have a cocktail for me! :)

  15. P.S. Who cares if one uses a cell phone camera vs a high priced DSLR???

  16. I read your blog everyday, be true to yourself and enjoy writing what you are passionate about.


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