Thursday, March 2, 2017

#tbt {March...I'm Green with Envy}

This is a Throwback Thursday post. The original post was March 2, 2012.
The month of March is a busy and exciting one. March means birthdays---my sister’s(March 8), my own(March 9), and my nephew’s(March 25).  March also brings St. Patty’s Day(March 17) and the beginning of spring(March 20). March  brings on all things green, so I was super excited when the March issue of House Beautiful featured my absolute favorite color, green.

I love flipping through the pages of this decorating magazine must-have.
Searching the House Beautiful magazine and website, I found some great “green” rooms and things….

I too love to decorate with “pops” of green---wall color, pillows, framed prints, and hydrangeas. The freshness of the color green always puts a smile on my face. Take a look…

March on, y’all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! I love the color green also, and you incorporate green in and outside your home with such sophistication and often subtlety. Six more days until our special day! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. I adore green too. Spring is near, Ron.

  3. I like green as well. I guess the only green I have at this point though is plants but I've always liked it in home decor with fabric, paint, and accessories. I use to have a lot of apple green in my house before I switched over to neutrals.

  4. I love the fresh spring greens! So much so that I painted my living room "Fresh Sprout" a couple of years ago. What has surprised me is how great it looks with different fabrics and accessories throughout the year. Nice to see this post!

  5. That issue of House Beautiful is great! Did you notice the feature on Melissa Rufty (on a house she did in Monroe)? She is an outstanding New Orleans designer and I love her style!


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