Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Foxtail Ferns on the Porch

We had pretty hard freezes this winter (quite uncommon for South Louisiana), and each zapped my foxtail ferns. At the end of February, I cut all of them back, and just look at the result today. The foxtails are returning absolutely beautiful.

Are things "greening" in your neck of the woods?

Foxtail Ferns, y'all!


  1. Oh wow, yours are so big and lush looking. Gorgeous.

  2. Oh Ron I love those foxtail ferns! My rose bush is bursting with buds!

  3. Those are gorgeous, Ron, and not as easy to find in our area. Boston ferns are definitely more abundant, but get really gross if put out too early and freeze (say, before Mother's Day).

  4. They look fabulous! Coming to New Orleans today. Xo

  5. Good morning, Ron! The foxtail ferns look great! I remember when you posted about them what they looked like after our freezes here. Aren't you loving our spring-like weather here--it's just been glorious! Have a great day! xoxo P.S. We sold our condo on Monday :(, so I guess I'll have to stay at The Windsor Court, now! :)


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