Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Acorn Cottage {Landscape Complete}

Thanks for your positive comments on the installation of our front yard landscape.

The landscaping was installed last Friday, and I am so happy with it. Chase's Landscape Services took my vision for a cottage-style garden and literally ran with it. I am so happy to share the Acorn Cottage landscape.

The landscape features:

3- Eugenia Cone 3 gal

3- Hydrangea White 3 gal

4- Confederate Jasmine 3 gal

4- Holly Compacta 7 gal

12- Gardenia Radicans 3 gal

27- Flax Lily 1 gal

1- Crape Myrtle 30 gal

8- Annuals Petunia Flat
150- Boxwood 1 gal

19- Boxwood 3 gal

14- Mondo Grass Flat
35- Crush Pine Needles

I happily recommend Chase's Landscape Services for all of your landscaping and maintenance needs.

Chase's Landscape Services
office: 504-312-0813
cell: 504-343-3938

Beautiful Landscape, y'all!



  1. Ron it is gorgeous. I love a formal garden and yours is stunning.

  2. Wow Ron that is fabulous! Love the selection of plants they used. You must be glowing!! Your neighbors have to be thrilled with all you’ve done to improve this home!

  3. Beautiful, Ron...I love this cottage...and I know downsizing is going to make ya'll sooo happy.

  4. I can see it all now--In your climate it will be full sized in no time---and you will be clipping like crazy.

  5. I absolutely love your landscaping. It's so beautiful and so YOU! The changes you have made to Acorn Cottage are inspiring. I'm so impressed even though I was expecting you to knock my socks off. Knocked My Socks Off, Ya'll.

  6. What a beautiful, enjoyable walk from your gate to your front door. Love the formal boxwood.

  7. Good afternoon, Ron! The landscaping is gorgeous--so truly Southern! Have a great day! xoxo


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