Monday, February 4, 2019

Not So Superbowl

I love the New Orleans shade thrown toward the NFL. Just check out this morning's local paper. It doesn't get much shadier than that. 

I am not a big football fan (BIG SURPRISE!!!!), but we New Orleanians know how to throw a party, and what a party it was!

Check out this article in the New Orleans Advocate: click HERE!

I would also be remiss if I did not mention Adam Levine's arms... Wowzer!!!! I am not a fan of the tattoos, but the man does have a great physique. Though I did not watch the game, I did see the halftime show. Personally, I though Maroon 5 did an excellent job. I like their music a lot. 

There's always next year. Geaux Saints!

Not so Superbowl, y'all!


  1. Good afternoon, Ron! I know you are not a football fan, but I'm so happy that you did a post on the Boycott Bowl. Everyone knows we were robbed of the chance to play again in the Super Bowl. My daughter and her husband were in NOLA for the Boycott Bowl, and my son watched the game when our beloved Saints won it! He and the hubby were there to see the Saints make history and had plans to go to Atlanta this year. The Super Bowl was on in our house because the hubby wanted to watch it. I, also, enjoyed Maroon 5--I love Adam Levine but not his tattoos! Have a great evening! xoxo

  2. Love it...Just sent the front page of the Times to my son! He is a big Saints fan and loved that NOLA was boycotting watching the game. I also thought Adam Levine & Maroon 5 did a great job. No, not crazy about all the "tats" but everyone his age seems to be obsessed with them. I gotta say the man has some guns and is in shape. Also, thought Miss Gladys did a fantastic job of singing the National Anthem.

  3. I pretty much only watch the super bowl for the half time entertainment. I’m not a tattoo fan either but must admit Adam Levine looked fine! I enjoyed Maroon 5’s music but some of the other stuff I could have lived without.

  4. I love the spirit in New Orleans. That paper is perfect, lol. And wow, Adam's come a long way from the early days with those guns he's got now. I enjoyed the show too, even though the majority trashed his performance.


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