Monday, June 28, 2021

Uptown Acorn Travels {Southwestern Colorado}

 Oh, Colorado! I miss your temperatures and your low humidities. Last week, J and I travelled to Colorado to visit with J's family. It was a great week along the western slopes - Montrose, Ouray, Ridgeway. I cannot begin to explain how beautiful the area is in the summer. Here are my week in photos.

Travelling Colorado, y'all


  1. Love it, Ron! We've been to Colorado a couple times and I loved visiting. If that was Jay's folks' home, it was super nice! Lots of property.

  2. Lived in Colorado Springs for 2 years..Gorgeous country!!

  3. Beautiful! Even the pictures are refreshing. Here in the PNW we have been baking. My city was a hot as Las Vegas....I would never go to LV in summer so it came to us :-(


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