Tuesday, January 24, 2023

It's Mardi Gras Time {Acorn Cottage: Front Porch}

 J and I spend so much time on the front porch when the weather is warmer. And during the Mardi Gras season, you never know how the weather will be. The front porch is always fun to decorate seasonally because the decorations are protected from the elements. Large masks, Mardi Gras blooms, and garlands are all used to promote the spirit of the Carnival season. A regal acorn graces the door... why not?

2023 Mardi Gras posts:

Let's Get Lit | Daytime Facade | Front Porch

On the Porch, y'all!


  1. Ooh I love the porch! You’ve really put together a super creative and fun porch!

  2. So beautiful and seasonal..You've outdone yourselves if that is even possible..Happy Mardi Gras

  3. This is SO much fun, Ron! Your porch is a winner!


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