Wednesday, February 20, 2013

For the Health of it…Update 02.20.13 {Good News!}


Thanks for your concern, your thoughts, your kind words, and your prayers. They worked! The power of positive thinking always helps too.

Yesterday, you read my health update: click HERE.

Well, today I am happy to report some good news in this saga with my heart.

I got to the hospital around 10:30 AM (early as my scheduled appointment was at 11:00 AM). I am always scared that I will not be able to find where to go in such a large institution.


After answering numerous questions which I had answered many, many times beforehand, I finally received an EKG and vitals testing by a couple nurses. The nurse was elated when she told me that it appeared that my heart was back in sinus rhythm which is a normal rhythm. Amen! My heart was not in atrial fibrillation. She informed me that she would contact my doctor who was not scheduled until 1:00 PM to perform the cardioversion and let him know the findings.


I waited and waited and waited. I was briefed by a resident doc. I waited. I was then briefed by another cardiologist. I waited some more. I just wanted to hear from my favorite doctor. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Dr. Khatib then met with me to confirm the good news. He was extremely happy with my progress. I will continue my medications, and I will see him again after another ultrasound in a few weeks.


By the way, the results from my nuclear stress test came back showing absolutely no blockages, and my blood tests showed in their perfect ranges.


I am elated and only hope that I will continue to live a more healthy lifestyle --- eating better and more exercise. I am down 10-12 lbs. from the year’s start, and that’s a great thing.


A good update, y’all!


  1. great news--keep up the good work and enjoy this good report!

  2. Great News! Who knew living healthier could still be fun? Keep up the good work!

  3. Prayers answered--what wonderful news to wake up to and read as I drink my cup of coffee in my oyster mug! I am so happy for you. Have a wonderful and "hearty" day! <3

  4. Great news! Maybe it will motivate me to get off my butt and exercise!! Glad you are doing better!

  5. Hurray for you Ron! So glad to hear things went well! I am sure you have inspired many of us to pay more attention to diet and exercise. Congrats!

  6. So glad to read this, and so happy for you! Thank you for educating us, we certainly need to take this very important information you've shared to heart :)
    Take care!

  7. That is fantastic news, Ron! PTL!!!

    Jan ♥

  8. Oh what wonderful news-congrats. Now stay on the healthy track and hope your next results say everything is still normal. Very happy for you.

  9. Yippee!!!!! I just knew God had a bigger plan for you! Take care my cuz and I miss yall! Lots of love!

  10. Wonderful news!!! Keep up the good work!

  11. Wonderful news, you're so right, diet and exercise count!! Congratulations too on your weight loss.

  12. Awesome news, Ron!!! Now, you continue to take great care of yourself. No going back now!!!!

  13. I'm so glad to hear that you got a good report! Yay! Any time you have a health scare it can rock your world. Glad your world is back to normal now. Sounds like you're doing a good job of taking this seriously and getting your health ship shape! Now.....go pop some champagne and celebrate (if you're allowed). LOL!

  14. Whooooo-Hoooooo I am SO excited for you, Ron. What good news....and um.....cute nightgown!;>) xo Diana

  15. Super News! I'm so happy for you and wish you well. You are the best!

  16. Yay Ron!!! So happy to hear this super fantastic news!!!

  17. Hey Ron; This is the Best news!!!!! I am so Happy for you. Weight loss always helps no matter what, so Please keep up the good work!!!
    I am so Happy for You, J and all of your Family.
    Take Care.

  18. Wonderful news! Keep up the good work!

  19. Ron, That's wonderful news! You've been in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work.

  20. Hi Ron!!

    I'm glad you're ok and the results are great news:)
    It's great to hear of your weight loss!! Positiveness is
    a great healer and with so many lovely people keeping
    you in their hearts and prayers gives us strength when
    dealing with an unexpected health issue.

    With Spring in the air and new life growing all around us
    shows us that with change comes new growth and that's
    what you've done.

    Good for you!!!!:)


  21. Congrats and good news indeed, Mr. Ron!


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